Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soooooooo Close

I'm finally on the last Clue of Mystic Waters! WOO FREAKIN HOO!!!

Yes I know I am weird for knitting on straights, but there it is: I'm weird. I spread it out as well as I could while not taking it off my needles (pure laziness I assure you) and I am starting the last clue!! Oh yeah I said that already. I'm forcing myself to finish this one before I cast on for Ice Queen (look it up, it's a folk tale that I read when I was a very little girl and it's charming. Mind you I still have the book I read it from) Anyhoo I was shopping for laceweight at my favorite little spot for Bad Nauheim and my favorite supplier was MISSING on ebay. Hello heartattack.

I finally emailed them asking if they had moved to an ecommerce site, or were on vacation or what. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, it turns out they're just on vacation. However, I can't wait for them to return before I start something new, but I do have stash that will suit for some of the stuff I want to do.

Visit tomorrow for a photo of the Ice Queen supplies. I might have to buy a needle, not quite sure.

And Broken Barn, darnit! Frozen doors are not funny! lol, you jackass. And "our" Lake is actually Lake Macatawa. This is a photo of Lake Michigan taken just about 1.5 miles from our house. The Chief took it. He is really quite a whiz with the old shutter and lens is he not? I had to crop it to fit it, but I love the path leading to the water in the distance. It reminds me of journeys. Thanks for the compliment!

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  1. saw your post on the mystic waters group. your shawl looks lovely! I have to said your favorite ebay yarn store is missing...would that happen to be MCY? I ask because that's where I get a lot of yarn from, and wanted to find something for Mystic Light...and the store was gone!


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