Monday, January 7, 2008

September 29
Cuteness McTootness
I had to post this today because it was just so cute.

I've finished the first half of the orange Swan Lake symmetrical stole and CO the second half - Something like 40 rows in. WOO HOO! After that I have to make a mate to my jaywalker and then I can start on the first clue to Secret of Chrysopolis. The first clue is out and it is SOOOO gorgeous. You can still join if you're interested! Let me know in a comment and I'll post a link if there's any interest.

September 27
Act like you've got a pair!
I finished a jaywalker! It was fun. My yarn color change did do kind of a weird pooling thing with the striping. It started out so pretty and got weird like Doctor Seuss blew up or something and sprayed garish stripes all over the foot of my sock but it's ok.

I knit it in Jojoland Quartette in the java orange meadow mauve colorway and it's the softest most yummy comfy yarn I've ever worked with. Number two to be cast on tomorrow.

September 25
I'm in, I'm INNNNNNN! Remember that scene in The Jerk with Steve Martin where he first sees his name in the phone book and says "It's this kind of publicity, your name in PRINT!! Now I'm SOMEBODY!!" Well that's how I feel now that I'm in on Ravelry. I know it will take me a bit to get myself totally into things, but my ID is BammerKT (Knitting Thupergoddeth) of course. Come see me!

September 24
Meet Princey. Now, don't be fooled by the fact that he's wearing a diaper (nervous piddle problem. . . . please don't mention it to him. He does get a bit embarrassed), but he is a humongous stud. In fact he was retired after 11 litters and he is now living out his days with our family.

He likes rainy days and pina coladas. If you have a nice girl dog out there to send to Princey, please feel free to send 8x10 glossies. We will also need her most recent vet records and a certificate from the obedience school she metriculated from.

I just thought he was funny laying there with his bum up on a pillow. Number four helps make the diapers out of shoelaces and hand towels we get at the dollar store. He's cute though huh?

September 22
Half a Monkey on my back
I admit it. I have never hand knitted socks before.

But, Bammers (I can hear you all saying), you've showed us socks before. Surely, it wasn't all just an ugly scam.

No I knitted those on my machines, but never by hand, UNTIL . . .

The Monkey

I have one done and one has about a third of the leg all done already. They will be a Christmas gift and my mom is already like, " For me right?"

Sorry, Mom. I won't say who they are for, but you might just find a pair of monkeys from Santa under the tree anyway. The yarn is this beautiful pink/purple/blue muted variegated that I adore to pieces. I'll definitely be making socks from this stash yarn again.

I also did a pair for number 5 on the machine. He had felt the yarn and said he would love a pair of socks (which is a first). Is this an active boy or what? Check out these scrapes!

September 19
I finished and frankly I'm still stunned it happened!
The Eternity Sweater is complete. I think the orange might have come out quite frightening in the photo, but in reality it's basically pretty frightening. Chief loves it though.

Now I can do something new! I had promised I wouldn't do anything else untilI finished, because he looked so forlorn every time I picked up something else. Now I can do anythingggggggggg I want. Woo hooooooooooo.

Now the last photo is all the yarn I had left. I used three cones of cotton that should have totalled 2520 yds. Now the original sweater called for 1808, but I lengthened the arms and body by about three inches (Chief is 6'4''). So that eensy weensy, weeeeeeeeeee little ball of yarn is what was left. It is LESS than 21 yards.

Now you see why I've been sweatin'.

September 17
Conversations while watching A Little Princess in Bammerland
Ok so watching movies with hordes of males is different. Tonight I was given the opportunity to choose what we watched. That never happens.

I picked the girliest thing I could find. A Little Princess remake from about 7 or 8 years ago. Please enjoy some samples of cinematic conversations we have here.

Sarah (aka the star of the movie): My mother is in heaven and so is yours, with wings of silk and a crown of baby rosebuds. . .

Me: I want a crown of baby rosebuds! Do I have to be dead to get one?

Number 5 (9 years old): I don't have mad gardening skills, Mom.

Me: Sigh
(so I guess that means Yes)

this is still a fun place to live, and number 5 asked to watch the end the next day. I guess he wanted to know how it turned out.

I've finished the knitting on Eternity. Now I still have the finishing to do, but I actually like to sew stuff up so no problem. I should have pics in the next few days. I have already sewed the shoulder seams. That enabled me to hang it on my hubby like a poncho to figure out how much length to add to the sleeves. MAN, he has some LONGGGGGGGGGGG arms.

I guess he has to if he's going to get them all the way around his chubby darling (that's me). Right now we are coasting a bit. Planning some trips over the winter and two parties. Never a dull moment around here! We also attended a wedding this weekend that was just lovely.

Someone had a wee bit too much to drink . . . . .

Ok it was me. It was lots of fun though and I wasn't driving or being a bad example to the kids as it was just the two of us for the evening.

Come back in a day or two for sweater photos. My darling Husband is getting excited to wear it.

September 07
The End of Eternity??
Well I blogged awhile ago that I was pretty worried about running out of yarn for hubby's sweater AKA The Eternity Sweater.

Now this is not the name of the pattern, it is the nickname based on the length of time it takes to knit this sucker. I had finished one sleeve and was scared to start the second. What if I ran out of yarn? Did I have enough?

The answer is YES!!!!!!!!!! . . . . but man just barely.

I weighed the first sleeve and the weight was 7.6 oz, then weighed the yarn I had left on the cone. I also have a little left from the first cone for sewing together. The yarn (after subtracting the weight of the cone) was 8.4 oz. Yes that is correct, I will end up with less than one oz of yarn when i've finished knitting and will need it for the neck finishing and sewing up.

You have to live right.

September 06
Twice in one day!?
Have I ever blogged twice in one day? I really don't know.

I just finished my swatch for Secret of the Stole!! Woo hoo!

I'm still not one hundred percent sold on using cobweb weight. I also have a tendency to overstretch and once again I lived up to my habits and stretched the crap out of it. Yay me!

I also scraped and primed all the lower level windows at my mom's house. She is just too tippy to be up on a ladder. If you think I'm exaggerating, she has fallen off ladders three times in the last 5 years and I really don't want her to get hurt.

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