Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soooooooo Close

I'm finally on the last Clue of Mystic Waters! WOO FREAKIN HOO!!!

Yes I know I am weird for knitting on straights, but there it is: I'm weird. I spread it out as well as I could while not taking it off my needles (pure laziness I assure you) and I am starting the last clue!! Oh yeah I said that already. I'm forcing myself to finish this one before I cast on for Ice Queen (look it up, it's a folk tale that I read when I was a very little girl and it's charming. Mind you I still have the book I read it from) Anyhoo I was shopping for laceweight at my favorite little spot for Bad Nauheim and my favorite supplier was MISSING on ebay. Hello heartattack.

I finally emailed them asking if they had moved to an ecommerce site, or were on vacation or what. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, it turns out they're just on vacation. However, I can't wait for them to return before I start something new, but I do have stash that will suit for some of the stuff I want to do.

Visit tomorrow for a photo of the Ice Queen supplies. I might have to buy a needle, not quite sure.

And Broken Barn, darnit! Frozen doors are not funny! lol, you jackass. And "our" Lake is actually Lake Macatawa. This is a photo of Lake Michigan taken just about 1.5 miles from our house. The Chief took it. He is really quite a whiz with the old shutter and lens is he not? I had to crop it to fit it, but I love the path leading to the water in the distance. It reminds me of journeys. Thanks for the compliment!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well far be it from me. . . .

to let inquiring minds go unsatisfied. My spinning post about Mystic Waters got a comment with a question.

Gammy aka Peggy said...
WOW, that spun silk is gorgeous. Are you going to ply it with something else or another spindle? How many ounces do you have? Enquiring minds you know.

Well, Peggy, you inquisitive and presumably lovely young lady, I'm glad you asked. The short answer is: I dunno yet. I am toying with the idea of plying with a red, silky shiny embroidery thread (because let's face it, in Bam's world you just can't be too shiny or sparkly), but haven't made up my mind yet. Also, thank you for the lovely compliment. I am half tempted to just leave it spun up on the bobbin forever because it really has a lovely sheen. I have 8 ounces dyed, but I have only spun about half right now. Unless I am gravely mistaken, I will need 650 m and I do believe I am there by now. Peggy, I suspect you will know what I'm talking about when I say that I just like to fondle the spun yarn on the bobbin. If you are the Peggy of knittingandspinningwithewe fame, hey how crazy is it that I left you a comment yesterday and you left me one too? Is life nuts or what? But I digress.

Now that begs a question from me. Do I just keep spinning and assume I will find something to do with the rest? (Ice Queen springs to mind although I have enough yarn in the stash for the whole friggin royal court in ice right now) or maybe figure I'll ply the rest and do something completely different with it? The silk has like zero stretch, so what will I do with the rest? Contest prize it off like I did with the red silk hanky I spun up and enclosed with a prize (you can see it here)

My goodness I'm indecisive today. Perhaps its the whole "third snow day off of school in two weeks" thing. Number five and I tried to go get chili dogs for lunch and my car was frozen shut. What the!? Poor guy had to settle for sloppy joes.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Conspiracy UNCOVERED!

Ok so it's not a secret that I'm weird. Tonight I was watching that old Flash Gordon movie from 1980. Don't pretend you don't know the one I mean. The ones with Sam J. Jones with the feathered hair. Remember that one? The one where you were really young, but he gave you a tingle somewhere that you didnt even understand? Yeah that one. Anyway, The Chief pointed out something disturbing.

The Chief referencing Sam J. Jones: Hey, he looks like that Punkd kid. Whats his name?

Me: (duh) silence

The Chief: Ashton Kutcher right?

Me: Well dang if he doesnt!

You be the judge. Ashton Kutcher, cloned genetic double of Sam J. Jones with a hair color that actually happens in nature?

Cloning already back in 1978? Lovechild? What's your take on this?

Yeah Sometimes I wonder too.

Why do I wait so long to post? Then I have tons of stuff to say and I hate long posts!

First of all: I WON!! I WON!! Here is my prize for guessing Barn E. Quat's weight. (Check out the contest I won here) I haven't guess what the Ken doll pants are for yet!

I'm about half finished with spinning the silk for MysticLight Shawl Knitaling. It's turning out beautiful, but I may overdye with red again after. It's really not as dark as I had intended. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result so far.

Oh yeah, and that IS my Mystic Waters in the background. I have a clue left to go, but am suddenly taking off on it again.

Last of all! No idea if I've ever mentioned this before, but I have really long hair. I decided that in May, I will give it a chop and donate it to Locks of Love. Donating my hair is something I've thought of, but I didn't think they would take mine because I color it (oh yeah, i'm gray ya'll, at the ripe old age of 33, I am really GRAY) Anyway, it turns out they will take it. Should be fun!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seriously, does this outfit make my ass look fat?

Haha! Made ya look.

The beauty of pretty socks (and shoes for that matter) is that you never have to ask that dirty, dirty question. The one all men DREAD. Does this make my ass look fat? Cuz no, socks, as long as they fit and are comfy and warm can NEVER make your ass look fat!

And that is why you should all be knitting some socks right now.

This pattern is Embossed Leaves designed by Mona Schmidt from Interweave Press 25 Favorite Socks. It's my fave sock book (at least for right now), and they are knit from hand dyed superwash wool sock yarn that I bought from Gentle Sunset on Etsy. Last time I looked, she had not dyed more yarn for sale lately, but hey keep checking back. It's really beautiful in person. I was going to save these to be my February socks for the Sock a Month Knitalong I've joined, but I decided to give myself a goal of spinning the sock yarn for my February socks, so I couldn't use these.

Do you think they match my pajama pants? Oh yeah folks, those are my jammies. We're having another snow day here in lovely West Michigan!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I still love snow!

This is what I woke up to this morning. Pretty huh?

I've been spinning the silk roving I dyed on Monday. I'll have a photo for ya'll tomorrow! I'm also working on the embossed leaves socks. I think I'll be done in a day or two.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Damn It Feels Good to be a Spinna!

Ok so we have the Officespace reference out of the way for the day.

I've been spinning. Here's the blue/purple roving that I dyed spun up. There will be several more skeins (off the top of my head, I'm guessing two more), but its turning out really pretty. It's actually a bit darker, and purpler irl, but you know how the colors can be to try to capture

Earlier today, I dyed the tussah roving for Mystic Light KAL. I'm almost finished with Mystic Waters already and should have a photo in about two weeks (tops).

Here is the roving being "cooked".

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spot on

You Are Impressionism

You think the world is quite beautiful, especially if you look at it in new and interesting ways.
You tend to focus on color and movement in art.
For you, seeing the big picture is much more important than recording every little detail.
You can find inspiration anywhere... especially from nature.

Monday, January 14, 2008

As promised

The Chiefs Handspun socks. I used plain undyed Polypay navajo plied so they are quite thick.

Unoriginal hat. The colors are prettier in person, but you can get the idea. This is my second batch of handspun. It was Lorna's laces roving.

Hand dyed Shetland. The green isn't quite to "pea" as in this photo, and the blue is a bit less aqua and more royal, but you get the idea.

Most recent batch of dyed roving. The plan was pink, purple and aqua. I would say mission accomplished, but not exactly how I planned it. The pink is more pinky in person.
I've had a lot of fun with this and I keep getting new ideas for colorways. I guess I need to find a place to bulk buy white roving!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yay Yay Yay

I've mentioned before that my sister's breast cancer has metastacized to her femur. I went with her last week to take her to surgery and help her after.

We got the news that she will not have to have chemo right now. However, she will have to have her ovaries out, because this cancer is apparently estrogen fed. The fact that she gets to omit chemo for now is a huge huge relief.

It's weird. A few weeks ago we were so happy that she was getting the stitches out from her reconstruction and now we're happy that she just doesn't have to do chemo. It's so weird how things change!

I've dyed two more batches of roving and will have photos tomorrow.

I've finished the Chiefs handspun socks.

I finished an Unoriginal hat made with my handspun as well so I've been very very busy! I promise. Photos tomorrow.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A couple days ago, I decided to stop at my LYS to pass 45 minutes I had before i was going to meet my best friend for lunch. I had some Christmas money to spend, but I wasn't going to spend it lol. I still have some left, but gaze on the yarney goodness

This beautiful purpley, blue laceweight mohair will be ice queen. Ooooooo I can't wait for that.
My first Tofutsies. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but I'll let you know soon enough.

Socks for me. It's interlacements and the colors are pink, red and purple. Looks like it was dyed just for the Bam.

This green will probably be socks for number five. He really wants green socks (even though he just got a pair of green alpaca socks a month ago.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What?! I can KEEP a pair of socks!?

Holy crap. I knitted so many pairs of socks for family over the holidays, and I've FINALLY finished one for me. This year I joined the SAM5 where 250 knitters will be posting a pair of socks each month. Each pair posted will hopefully be for ME.

Here is my January offering:

These are Monkey Socks knitted out of Jojoland Quartette which is a merino/cashmere blend. They are just so soft and comfy! They did kinda of a weird stripey thing, but I still think they're beautiful.

I also finished a pair of plain black Lion Brand Cashmere blend socks for my Dad. I'll post a photo this weekend when he gets here for a visit. I thought I'd use him for a foot model since they are a bit big for me.

I still have a pair of socks and two lace projects on the needles so come back soon!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

OMG You know you wished you lived at Chez Bammer

Last night I asked the Chief to put his hand inside the current sock just to feel the yarn. It's Jojoland Quartette (merino cashmere) and it is YUMMY. This is what happened. Let's take a peek.

Monkey Sock Speaks!

Oh yeah, that's the Chief. I know he looks big and mean but he is SO funny sometimes.

What you are actually missing is when my sock said, "You looked really beautiful tonight. I'd kiss you but I'm afraid I'd put your eye out.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Pay No Attention to the Doof Behind the Curtain!

Ok so I've moved (sort of). Think of it like when you moved and you had all your crap in the house, but none of it was unpacked so you were still really disorganized and messed up even though all your junk was in one place.

All my entries are moved, but it will take me some time to get all the photos into the posts so please bear with me.

On a lighter note! Guess what this is!

I can't tell you today, sorry!

I finished spinning the first self-dyed batch of Shetland. Take a peek.

Isn't that pretty? It's not the dark brown. I'm having a little bit of trouble getting a good photo, but this one is not too bad.

I also dyed another batch of roving to spin next. I love how it turned out.

I also have an almost finished pair of Monkeys to show you soon, and I finished one of the Chiefs handspun socks while I was away. I'll post a photo of those when I have them both done.

Hope you all like the new digs! It will take me a bit to be totally settled, but I think it will be nicer eventually.
January 06
Sorry, Dudes
I'm still just completely being sucked down into the yawing chasm of stress that seems to have opened in my life in the past six weeks.

I have stuff I've been working on, and I've taken photos, and will probably post tomorrow. I don't believ ein using a blog to air your personal problems, but holy shit.

Oh and to you people who work at Rush University Medical Center:

You people are H O R R I B L E. I'm sure some of you are providing adequate, dare I say even good medical care, but you are assholes. I met ONE nice nurse. Just one. His name was James. James, if you are reading this, cover your eyes, this it not for you. The rest of you are horrible buttheads. People are coming there, many far from home, tired from caring for sick loved ones, getting up WAY pre crack of dawn to make the surgical schedules and you just treat them like they are shit on your shoe. If I had brought my camera to the hospital with me, I would have taken your photos and posted you here in a Rush University Medical Center Hall of Shame. If I ever have to go back, I swear I will make a special trip just to do that.

Shame on you, still except James, oh crap, and Bonnie. Bonnie this is not to you either. Shame, shame, shame on you. Especially you receptionists. You are some badass bitches and NOT in a good way.

January 01
More Good News
Our Granddaughter came yesterday. She gave her mom a pretty rough time, but she got here just the same. After about 24 hours of labor and two hours of pushing, she was a C-section baby.

Amongst the bad news of late, she is sure some welcome good news. She was five days early. Just in time for Daddy to take a tax deduction. Now back when we were getting ready for her shower, I taught number 4 to use one of the Knitting machines to make her a hat. Number 4 was THRILLED to find her wearing it in the hospital when we got there. How great is that for an 11 year old aunt to show up to hold her new niece and find her wearing the hat she "made". It was wonderful!

December 2008

December 30
Which do You Want First?
The bad news? Or the good news.

The bad news is that the tumor found on my sister's femur is indeed metastacized breast cancer. I will be traveling to Chicago this week in order to help her out after her surgery. They will build up the bone with a plate, then another round of chemo and radiation.

The good news is that I dyed my very first batch of roving with my family to take with me. I figured I would spin while she rests and after the surgery. I've never dyed at all before, but my husband gave me the jacquard acid dyes for Christmas and I had quite a bit of white roving in my stash. I hunted around on other peoples blogs, (hey how did we learn to do crap before the internet? I basically learned to spin, knit most of the stuff I've made lately and cook off the internet. I'm just sayin) and determined that I was going to combine techniques because hey, who actually follows directions on the package? :S

Hubby cut me visqueen for the table, then he helped me lay out strips of saran wrap. I grabbed 8 oz of Shetland roving from my stash (I paid like 5$ for it so I figured if I made a mistake, oh well no humongous loss). I determined that red/orange/yellow/pink would be my target for this batch. Um yeah I thought that wouldn't be too hard to do.

1. Ok so plastic is laid out, we split the roving into strips that would fit, then put it in the pot to soak.
2. Next, we mixed up the dye while the roving soaked. I reserved a few little floofs to dip into the mixed dyes. Yes I know it is not 100% accurate way of testing colors, but you do get a fairly decent idea of the shade, if not the intensity.
3. We pulled the roving out, gently squeezing (so as not to felt) out the water and laid it out on the plastic.

4. I gave each person a plastic spoon and a cup of dye and instructions to spread out their color but try to keep it fairly balanced if you stepped back and looked at the full picture. So numbers 4 and 5, The Chief and I started dribbling dye all over. The Chief stood back at the end and directed the last bit of color balancing. Dude, I so married a renaissance man. He is awesome.

5. We closed up the plastic wrap the long way, then I rolled up the roving end to end into big snails for cooking. Um FYI, screw the whole cooking in a pot thing, we cooked it right in Saran Wrap in the microwave and the dye set like a charm.

6. Ok next, I nuked on high, 2 minutes, two minute cool off. Repeat the nuking and cooling twice more, but the last cooling should just cool all the way. I checked if the dye was set though before I allowed the total cool off. I squeezed my roving weiner until a little water came out. It came out clear which is supposed to mean the dye is nice and set.

7. Allow to cool, rinse in lukewarm water without agitating (dude we all know what agitation does to wool. Need I remind you of that)

8 Rolled in towels to squeeze out excess water then hung them to dry

I'll post more photos when the roving is dry and spun blah blah since I am so proud of my first attempt. I really wanted some nice dyed roving to spin at my sisters and we all definitely need some cheering up.

Prayers for her are appreciated. Her name is Kathleen.

December 25
May the Lord Bless and Keep You and Yours This Christmas

My whole family will be here for brunch today and Christmas Dinner. I hope you all have as great a day as I'm about to. I'm up early to wrap a few gifts for the Chief that have been hiding in my closet. Blessings to you and yours today!

December 21
What's the opposite of creative? destructive?
Well The Chief got his very first pair of Bamified socks last night. He seems to really love them. The pattern had to be modified to accomodate his aircraft carrier feet. They are made from coffee colored Alpaca Lustre by YarnTreeHouse. It continues to be my favorite for socks. It's only 40% alpaca and 60% merino so they still have lots of nice spring and they are comfyyyyyyyy.

He let my neighbor lady feel them when we ran into her with her husband in the grocery store today. He actually pulled up his pantlet to let her feel them. She knits, but she still probably thought he was a weirdo. Oh well, he is so handsome he can pretty much do anything and women swoon, even if it's weird.

Take a look

Mom and Eldest sister are on their way here from Chicago today. Mom was visiting her while she undergoes some medical tests etc. It will be good to have them home.

The Chief is on vacation from work until January 7th. I'll be glad to have him home to spend time with. He's going to get firewood tonight so we can wrap presents in front of a nice warm fire with drinkies. Come on over, but bring tape. I always run out of stupid cellophane tape.

December 20
Holiday Advice From Your Weird Auntie Bam
Never watch the movie Mask around the holidays, particularly if you have pretty bad PMS. I still can't breathe through my nose, but you know Sam Elliott was just hot. I am really not normally attracted to the dirty biker tattooed type, but you know he reminds me of my husband and that's prolly why I think he's hot. How gross is that? I'm still whipped over my own husband. It's just flat wrong.
Well anyway, moving on:

The yarn has dried. Remember it's only my third effort. it's 3-ply. I'm getting a little bit better, but not quite there yet.

MSN photo server must be down AGAIN. I'm seriously thinking about moving to Blogger. Here's the photo on Flickr.

I had a conversation yesterday with Number 5. I thought I would make you all privvy to his words of wisdom:

Me talking about how some people have two mommies or Daddies: "Well, you know, people are all a little different in the world, so what can ya do?"

Number 5: "Exploit their weaknesses?"

That's Mama's boy, and only nine years old. To celebrate, he's getting wool gloves. I made them from bulky wool knitted on size 4 DPNs so the knit is very dense. The wool is just so warm even if it gets wet and his coat is black and maroon.

December 19
A small sampling
This is just a small sampling of what I've knitted for Christmas gifts this year. Don't forget that both of my sisters are getting rather large knitted gifts that I'm afraid to post because one of my sisters could be reading this blog.

If she is: NANANANA I still have cookies and YOUUUUU don't!

See you Monday

Dudes, please remember that there are at least three more pairs of socks, a hat and fingerless gloves for The Chief and one more pair of socks for Me Da either finished and I forgot to go get them, drying, soaking, whatever.

Oh and I did soak the first skein from the polypay today, but it isn't dry yet, so I guess I lied about a photo. Prolly tomorrow! Hopefully by then you'll be over the disappointment.

December 18
Excitement, thy name is Navaho plying
Pics tomorrow. My first skein of yarn coming from my new wheel. Navajo plied and tomorrow will set the twist and show you the beautimusness. Oh yeah it's a Trishism.

It will be perfect for socks for the Chief. Too bad I can't have them done for Christmas even if I take amphetamines until it's here (which I won't because good kids don't do drugs). I so wish i could get by with less sleep, but the Chief says I get emotional if I don't have enough so he is very careful to make sure I'm rested. How smart is he? He likes happy and bubbly and when tired, that just ain't me!

Don't lie awake thinking about the new yarn tonight. Get some rest! I'll show you pics tomorrow!

December 17
Fun with sugar
Holiday baking was going on here over the weekend. I'm really just posting this pic to taunt my sister who has been talking about these sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting for a month (at least).

so: Nanananana. I have cookies (and cellulite)

I had to go back and delete some old entries because my sister would like to read "THE BLOG", and they would give away her presents. The photos will be replaced after the holidays.

Anyway THE PHOTOS can be found on my Ravelry profile (BammerKT), so if you want to see them, look there.

I finished an Unoriginal Hat for my other sister on Saturday. OMG I wanna keep it and will be making another one after the holidays. I also finished a pair of socks for my mom who got a little early Christmas gift, and have another pair almost done. I also started a new Wings of a Dream (scroll down for the pattern) stole. Oh and two more pairs of MK socks. Photos soon!

December 13
Who am I, and What Have I Done With Me???

Well, color me embarrassed. I've been stressing out about this season a lot and I've forgotten the real reason I do all this stuff.

Oh yeah, it's the Jesus thing. I will probably forget all about this epiphany any minute (goldfish memory), but until I do. . . . . I wish you all a really Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate. Enjoy your families and the food, music, twinkle lights (oh lordy I love me some twinkle lights).

Be back with itty bitty alpaca sock photos tomorrow in a really boring ribbed pattern (number 5). Maybe more. You just never know with me right?

December 11
Hardnosed Pragmatic?
Or loving wife? See, the Chief bought me some roving about two weeks ago. I do believe I posted about it here. See I'm thinking that if he gets the roving he bought spun up first, then knitted into whatever he wants, I'm more likely to be bought presents. Always encourage presents.

He picked out the dark Polypay roving in the center. This is really cool stuff. It's like a very dark coffee color, but the sheep it came from has white tipped hair so there is just a faint heathering of white here and there. It's really lovely and will make some "oversocks" for hunting to be worn over a pair of thin white cotton ones. I think I'll have enough left for a pair of fingerless gloves, but don't tell him ;)

Chrysopolis is really and truly finished and will be blocked this weekend. I am seriously so sick of the yarn. At this point I'm actually considering giving it away because looking at it makes me want to hurl. I'll give it to the first person that leaves a comment and wants it. There is probably between 300 and 400 yards left. Get it out of my sight!!!! It's a merino, cashmere, tencel (for strength) blend.

Oh yeah, and I'm already planning on dyeing some roving between Christmas and New Years, but I'll be seein ya before that. Probably a lot since I'm knitting my ass off.

December 10
Fruitcake: Just Another Way to Get Bourbon Into Your System?
We drove to and from Detroit over the weekend, which is just over five hours in the car. I was born in Detroit and have return a few times a year for Hockey games and to visit my Dad. For those of you who don't know, Detroit truly is Hockeytown. It's part of the culture that I don't think you find anywhere else in the U.S. Maybe in Canada. I know the Hockey Night in Canada theme song is practically the alternate National Anthem there. Well WINGS WON. Henrik Zetterburg has had a hat trick at the last two games we've attended. All I can say about that is:

Dear Henrik Zetterburg. You are welcome. Anytime you want your good luck charms (us) to be at one of your games, just send us the appropriate tickets and make our travel arrangements and we'll be there to make sure you score three more points to the best of our availability. Consider that next time you are playing Colorado as we are particularly adamant that they get hammered into the ground and will attempt to be extra lucky during those games. No charge on these hat tricks, but if you want to arrange more in the future, call our agent.

My stepmother bought John a fruitcake, and he immediately asked, "has it been soaked in bourbon?" Now she knows that fruitcake itself is really apparently not worth putting in your mouth if it's not flammable from soaking in booze for a month. Silly stepmother.

You guys, Chrysopolis will be done today. I know there are literally hundreds of other knitters that have been working on this KAL. It's a behemoth of a project. I've just put in my last lifeline and have about 50 rows left. There is a mistake right around row 500, but if you don't tell, I won't.

December 06
Product endorsement and Shhhhh
Ok first, the Chief left his email open this morning. I did NOT SNOOP, but there was a Knitpicks order confirmation in his email. I guess I was good this year woo hoooooo!

I also bought number 5 new boxers yesterday from Old Navy. They were pronounced Tushielicious this morning when asked if he likes his new undapants.

Now you know where to go buy the Draw's extraordinaire.

December 04
Why I don't get enough work done
The house is not clean. It's not gross or anything, but it's not clean like I like it. I am shipping on time as always, but not listing new books as fast as I should and I still only have four chapters of my book written. Yep, I can hear you all asking, "why, Bammers, why don't you have more work done around that place?"

Well this is why.

Number five now has one alpaca sock. I wrote this pattern and you guys these socks are the cushiest yummiest things. I've cast on for the second, but that's all that is done. because . .

I am now back on Chrysopolis as well. This stole is more than 60% finished. keep cheering me on cuz, dudes, this project is gargantuan.

Also, a pair of embryonic socks. Artyarns supermerino worsted. This is the only yarn she specifically asked for. She saw the yarn and loved it

I'll be dyeing some roving soon too. Hopefully before the weekend. I'll be at the Red Wings Game on Friday night with the Chief and BammerDaddy. if you see me, say hi!

December 03
Sushi: It's not just for Easter anymore
First of all, don't send me a complaining letter about the religious holidays. I'm a Christian and if you don't want to read about Christian holidays, then don't visit my blog. It's not a matter of me adjusting to YOU, dear reader, but rather: vice versa.

We had a lovely family weekend. Did lots of celebrating because Number 4 is ELEVEN years old. Her daddy took her on a shopping trip for her birthday present. She really seemed to enjoy it and chose to spend some of her birthday booty on fabric. We'll be sewing again! It's pretty cool. Sunday night we all made sushi together. Now I realize that it would be much prettier if we would chill it before we slice it.

Also, I've been spinning a beautiful silk hankie I got from the Allegan Fiber Festival last summer. Isn't it pretty? The color isn't quite right and I'm sort of thinking about plying it with some wool, but I really haven't decided yet. I got like five pounds of roving this weekend, and I'm planning on dyeing soon, so come on back soon, ya'll.

November 2007

November 30
Son of a Nutcracker!
Well yesterday I gave myself a heart attack. Oh yeah I did it to myself.

See I have craploads of presents to knit as of right now and I set my GCarriage up to knit some ribbing yesterday for socks and it was NOT WORKING! That's what i said people: My GCarriage DID NOT OPERATE.

Well I could tell a long story, but after sweating and just about freaking out, changing the needles, tension, weight, and doing it all repeatedly. I mean i was FREAKIN OUT! I got my GCarriage off ebay used and it doesn't Cast off. Well I shouldn't say that. I realized that maybe it does if I do a knit row first. Does anybody know if that's what I'm supposed to do? Knit a row first before I Cast off?

I digress.

So I had switched it to the Cast off setting. After I changed it back to the correct setting (oh yeah I'm a dumbass) it worked like a charm.

The offender.

November 27
Whoops (yet again)
I mentioned last week that John and I had collaborated on an orifice hook. They will be for sale on Etsy starting tomorrow (still setting up the store). I made the polymer clay bead and John did the rest.

Oh so much going on. I have figured out how much of the stoles have to be accomplished on a manageable schedule to make sure they're all done for Christmas gifts. I can do it! It's sort of been nagging at me that it's impossible, but now that I have a schedule figured out, all I have to do is follow it (HA). Yeah I can hear you chuckling. Just shut it.

Now I have mentioned before that I have loved Gone With the Wind since I was a little kid. I get teased by the kiddos and the Chief about my collection of Scarlet O'Hara and Rhett Butler Christmas Tree ornaments. Here is one next to a snowflake I crocheted back in 1996 when I was getting married the first time. We got married in February and I ambitiously decided to crochet 200 snowflakes to hang over the dancefloor and give away to guests as a unique wedding favor. I am told there is still a friend of my ex-MIL who covers her tree in these. Oh yes, she stole them off tables when other guests were otherwise occupied dancing on other tables etc. (Yes, I do have a photo of bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing on tables at my wedding)

Now that's just one Scarlet. I do believe I own the whole collection. I see the envy in your eyes. Eat your hearts out!

Also, I am clearly getting either hormonal or my normal holiday verklempt feelings are early. Yesterday I sat sobbing in my car while that horrid song The Christmas Shoes played on the radio. I couldn't even go into the library as planned as I was stuffed up and ridiculously red-eyed. I get easily choked up this time of year because I'm just all thankful for everything. It's so gross.

Oh and a new (to me) spinning wheel is on it's way to me AS YOU READ. It shipped yesterday. The Chief is still building me one, but I really didn't know if I could stand waiting so this is a temporary one until he gets mine done. I'm sure I can get my money out of it reselling because I got a remarkable deal.

Well gotta get to work today. I have a knitting to accomplish to make sure my sisters both get nice presents this year.

Come back and see spinning soon. I will be allowed to spin as long as I have accomplished my knitting goals for each day so I'm really having to bribe/punish myself to stay on task. Sometimes it's nice to be such a simple girl.

November 24
Spinning news and Proof that the Chief and I are crazy.
This is above our fireplace.

We used to have a lovely painting that my mom did there, but it's moved in favor of a mirror that lets us sit by the fire and watch TV at the same time. The Chief is just hanging it now. You see it's chilly here and his wife wanted a fire and a movie, so he obliged as usual.

Also, yesterday we went down to a lovely little market we have here around the holidays called the Kerstmarket. They had NOT ONE BUT TWO booths with roving. One was alpaca and one was wool. I got 8 ounces of gray alpaca and 8 ounces each of Suffolk and some other kind of wool from local places. Also there is yarn to knit number 5 a pair of socks. Heaven!

Next, the Chief and I collaborated on a new orifice hook for me.

You guys I've met my monthly limit on photos but I have like four more for you so I'm going to have to start resizing so that I have more room. BAD BAMMERS. You can visit the new fingerless gloves for Number Five here. It's handspun I got from Etsy. Comment if you want a link, but I absolutely LOVE this stuff.

I've also got a pair of Christmas socks going. They are worsted weight Artyarns supermerino. I know worsted ends up thick but I thought they would make nice house socks.

I hope all you Americans had a wonderful Thanksgiving and everyone else had a wonderful weekend.

Also I got a message regarding the Alpaca Machine Knit socks from a few days ago. For some reason, I can't reply soo:

Dear Lynne,

I don't know if you have a ribber, but that's what I use to do all but the ribbing. Makes sense right? If you are interested in the pattern, message me again and leave me your email address and I'll send you Machine knit Socks ala Bammers. Thanks for stopping and sending me a message about them. My pattern is more of a recipe where you put in the gauge and the size of your feet and then follow the directions accordingly. Clear as mud? Super.

November 21
Socks and Cookies. . . If heaven ain't better than this . . .
I finished two pairs of alpaca Lustre socks. The right pair was knitted on my Brother 860 with the ribbing knitted with a garter carriage (I sort of half wrote/half adapted the pattern from an amalgam of others), while the right are hand knit on Size 1 US needles. The pattern is Hedera and it seems to be one of my faves lately.

Is the whole fundraiser cookie dough thing something we do in the Midwest only? My son had to sell cookie dough in tubs for a school fundraiser. Last night I broke into it and baked two sheets full of cookies. As soon as the Chief came home he smelled them and said "Oh if I'd have known this I would have gotten some vanilla ice cream on the way home."

Well of course I said "Go, HURRY!"

He made cookie ice cream sammiches

Apparently they were yummy. I saved mine for a day when chocolate is needed.

Number five opted to enjoy immediately. Enjoy your holiday and family if you're in the U.S.! I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

November 19
Where I wave the white flag and surrender to Christmas. . .
I've been bitching about the early Christmas music and everything, but this was the last weekend until December that I'd have numbers 3, 4, and 5 all together in the house with us. We decorated our tree.

YES, I know it's annoying, but I like my family together when we decorate and the schedules are so busy for the rest of this month.

I've been working on Mystic Waters. Clue 4 is very nearly finished which means I can go back to Chrysopolis for Clue 4.

Gaze on MW and Santa (that I painted myself in younger days. Go ahead and laugh)

I'm over being embarrassed bout crappy crafts I've done in the past. Laugh it up! There's way more where that came from (jerks)

I'm grumpy today but its Knit Nite tonight so I get to go out and have some fun. Fun is in short supply around here although I had fun in the car with number 4 on Saturday and then Number 5 on Sunday. I guess I'll have to work a bit harder to find it in the little things because it's all I got!

November 16
When the weather outside is frightful
Bammers is veryyyyyy productive. Yeah I know it kinda makes a crap lyric to a song. I was in Sam's club the other day and heard Christmas music. Can you believe that?

I've finished spinning and plying the roving I had and just tried some Blue Faced Leicester of my mom's. It's a dream to spin. I'm going to Ebay right after this to buy some for myself. (errrr I mean look at some)

Ok I've knitted The Chief a hat out of the handspun burgundy/gray tweed. It's His Hat and my very first item knitted out of my handspun yarn (yay). It looks pretty hot on him but he's sleeping right now. I tried to figure out how I could sneak it onto his head while he was asleep, but I settled for the crystal rose bowl.

Here is a photo of the plied yarn drying. It looks a bit duller in color from being wet, but hey at least I'm spinning!

I know its not really easy to see the colors and stuff, but I'm quite excited.

I also finished a pair of socks for number five. Gray. Oh yeah exciting stuff. He's just not the most adventurous dresser there ever was.

I have lots more going on, so come back soon! In fact I'm starting to annoy people with how much I have going on (and thinking of stealing that BFL roving from my own mother. How wrong!!)

November 14
Lord, what fools these mortals be
Sorry, I was watching a Midsummer Night's Dream this morning while I was spinning. Oh yes, spinning! I had been planning to wait until after the holidays to buy more roving and continue practicing the spinning thing. Well, the Chief offered to take me over to a semi-local store that sells rovings in order to keep me going. I got some gorgeous variegated Lorna's Laces roving and have already spun up three bobbins.

As always, a sucker for pink. It's really spinning up beautifully. The colors aren't represented quite as wel as i would like, but I oughta have yarn to show you by the weekend. I'm about half done with Clue 3 of Mystic Waters. Just one more project I'm behind on. Clue 4 came out today, but John is going hunting tomorrow so I'll have lots and lots of time to get some projects caught up.

While he's gone I have plans to make him His Hat out of the burgundy/gray homespun. Come on back and see it in a day or two, ok?

November 12
Get ready; I'm feelin' Chatty
I blogged about my first spinning a few days ago and received this comment (truncated a bit)

Hehe... isn't it the most wonderful thing to be able to take some disjointed short little bits of fibres, and turn them into a long continuous chohesive thread!!?! Almost like spinning straw into gold! It's magic.I once had over 2 pounds of a bright red wool... and I spun it all on a spindle! Yes, it took me some time, but I enjoyed the whole process. I made many skeins of it, and am planning to knit socks with it one day (if I ever find them again!). Friends still ask me about that red yarn... that's all I worked on for years!

Well, Tallguy. I'll make a deal with ya. Send me that yarn and I'll knit you something my own self just for you. Hat and gloves, mittens or glittens, a sweater even. Or hey I'll knit you socks with my own two little greasy hands.

I have stuff to show ya'll too.

My very first two skeins of homespun. One is Ohio State colors (ala the Chief) It is dark wine Corriedale top plied with a heather gray Corriedale top and it's really quite nice. The other hank is all the rest of the dark wine Corriedale just plied together with itself. I believe that's going to be a hat, but I haven't made any decisions yet. It was drying from me "setting the twist"

These are really really pretty on, though they look kinda funky and shrunken in the photo huh? They're Hederas knitted out of pink Alpaca Lustre from YarnTreeHouse. Darnit they are for mom for Christmas.

Last, this is the Unoriginal Hat by the Yarn Harlot, and yeah I used a Crystal Rose bowl for a head. I like to think I'm resourceful, not a weirdo huh?

I'm keepin it. So there.

November 07
Um What the??!! and Major Gratitude
I have to laugh at myself. I haven't knit on the machines much lately as I have been too busy learning to spin and working on sixty gabillion KnitAlongs and a pair of socks for a Christmas gift. Over the weekend I decided Number 5 really needed another pair of socks. He has enjoyed the first pair i made him and its getting cooler. I had some super soft and squishy Heirloom sock yarn in a nice light blue so away I went. I made the mistake of not writing down the tensions I used and number of rows I used on the last pair (because I just don't learn none too quick ya'll), but I thought I could figure it out close enough.

Um apparently no.

The first sock I made was WAY too short, but as I had already grafted the toe, I figured I would just toss it rather than unravel it. My stash is insane and in the scheme of things, one socks worth of yarn tossed in the trash is not a horrible nightmare or anything. Well that was ok so I cast on a new sock and set my garter carriage to go ahead and knit the ribbing for one that would be right this time.

Can we all say "overcorrection?" Dude, not good.

I guess you need to use the knitting machine skills or lose em huh?

Also, I am just feeling huge gratitude for my home and family right now. We live in a relatively humble home in a fancy neighborhood, but this is the view from my family room (where I do most of my business and knitting related activities).

How beautiful is that right now? The weather was yucky - cold and kind of sleety, and my darling hubby built me a fire last night before he took off to Boy Scouts with number 3. I got to sit in front of the fire, finish the heel decreases on the pink alpaca hedera I'm working on, and even make some progress on Clue 3 of The Secret of Chrysopolis. Oh yeah baby!

November 05
You Should Totally Blog This, Mommy
Lemon custard for dessert last night. I think technically it was a chiffon because I had to fold whipped cream into the custard at the last minute. Does anybody know if that's the definition?

John has talked about a lemon crunch pie he got from a nearby fancy bakery since the day I met him. I did make an effort once before that turned out just terrible. (oh well) Tried again last night and finally


Ok so it could be prettier, BUT both the Chief and Number 5 took pieces in their lunches today because they loved it. Number five (in between licks off his fork) said, "This is so awesome, you should totally blog about this, Mommy."

I took a recipe off and modified it to be more like what John described.

Spinning: I'm also on my third bobbin of the dark red fiber. It's turning out quite nice now that I am starting to get the hang of spinning (don't assume I'm doing it really well yet, but I can tell it is getting better with practice) and I have worked on the Pink Alpaca Hedera (just started the heel flap) and also am almost finished with Clue 2 of Mystic Waters.

Oh yeah and I also made the funniest pair of socks on the machine. I'll post a photo and explain tomorrow. They are so awful!

Feel free to buy a book from me off Amazon (link provided). If sales don't come up soon, I shall have to put some sort of limit on my yarn purchasing and I have been knitting at a furious pace so that would be quite a shame in my book!

November 01
A Spinning Addict is Born
So Tuesday Night I went to visit with a Spinning Group at my LYS because my mom is interested in spinning. Well watching that just made me want to try it SO BAD. I bought some dark red roving just to practice with and guess what?


I made like 8 inches. you can see it on the bobbin. Not the white stuff, the red.

Aren't you so excited for me? Aren't you impressed? You know I'm the first person in history to do this. What's that you say? I don't care if people have been doing this for hundreds of years. Maybe I'm not the first person ever but DUDE, I MADE YARN!!!

This is an antique wheel and that hole up in the upper left corner above the tension knob is where the distaff attaches but we dun't use it.

Right now the Chief is monkeying with all the belts and pulleys or whatever (good lord I married an engineer so I wouldn't NEED to learn this stuff) and he is very particular so I know it will work perfectly.

October 2007

October 31
Woo hoo!
Today the Second clue for Mystic Waters comes out! I've been done with Clue 1 since Friday and trying to catch up on The Secret of Chrysopolis (which I think I am giving one of my sisters for Christmas). I finally finished Clue 2 today and will now set aside until I finish Clue 2 of MW.

Confused yet?

I am using a gorgeous dark pink cashmere/wool blend from forest greener. If you don't know them, Google and DROOL! The Addi Circs I am using are a US 3 and not long enough to do a proper block without taking the stole off the needles so you can't see much but the middle, but isn't it just turning out pretty? I think it seriously might be the prettiest thing I've ever knit.

Happy Halloween!
Me and the Big Bad Wolf

Where the heck are the 40 Thieves?
Photos of Number 5's H'weenie costume. I haven't had a lot of knitting time while I sewed, but that only took two days so knitting pics soon.

October 24
Oh fine Chrysopolis too

Quick Mystic Waters Pic
I'm not done with Clue 1 yet and am using laceweight cashmere/wool blend I got from my favorite Ebay seller. I'm on Row 80 and have just installed my second lifeline (removed the first already).

It's turning out sooo pretty!

Do not be Alarmed
This is how Poley likes to sleep. He's not dead. Every once in awhile I reach down and grab one of his feet just to freak him out. Afterwards he give me the ole doggy stinkeye. I love that.

Number five is going to be Ali Baba for Halloween, and I have finished his turban. Enjoy.

I also finished the Chief's fingerless gloves. He is being dorky with them, but you should have seen the picture we took where he was doing jazz hands. He started laughing in the middle and then I did and the picture was all goofy. The gloves are perfect though. They are made from one of the yarn porn subjects and I think I have enough left for a beanie.

Still working on Chrysopolis and Secret of the Stole, and yet another KAL starting today called Mystic waters. So excited!

October 17
Turkey Soup, Yarn P0rn, and Oh Crap!
So I had this turkey in the freezer. It was the nearly stripped turkey, but frankly they make great soup so I took it out yesterday. After simmering it for a few hours, I took the turkey itself out of the stock, stripped the actual meat off and tossed it back into the pot, chopped up carrots, celery, onion, cooked some Thai sweet rice, threw it all in with some poultry seasoning, salt and pepper and VOILA! dinner. It was yummy with a loaf of bread fresh out of the breadmaker. Hey, I do have cooking skazzizzles. (hehe that's just because my son hates it when I try to talk Snoopdog)

Also, the lovely postlady dropped off some stuff to shoot endorphins through my system. Drooling shall ensue:

Rose YarnTreeHouse Alpaca Luster - Ye shall be socks (prolly)

Pure wool homespun from Lamzie Divy on Etsy. Ye Gray shall be fingerless gloves for my Darling Husband, Ye purply blue shall be socks.

Now this is my absolutely favorite yarn in the entire world. It's Jojoland Quartette. 80% merino, 20 Cashmere and in a prettier colorway than I got last time (see the posts about Ronald McDonald socks) I'm tempted to just hoard this yarn because right now it could be anything, but once i start knitting it up and reducing the available quantity, my choices quickly whittle away.

Last but not least at all is OH CRAP!

I finished these toe up, twisted rib socks and love them. Had some yarn left and the Chief suggested thumbless mitts for Smidgeon. I got one all done, then ran out of yarn just over halfway through the second. (Oh well) I hate to toss pretty yarn out, but this time I'm gonna just do it in the name os stash reduction.

October 16
Why yes, That is a Chili Bowl Subbed for a Baby's Head
Smidgeon's hat! It's the Vine Lace Baby hat from Interweave Knits and I used leftover Alpaca Sox from Shannon's Hederas. I used a chili bowl to approximate her head. Let's face it, I don't have a spare baby head lying around the house (until Smidgeon gets here to model). She'll be here in January so I figure she'll need warm stuff for awhile. I STILL have enough Alpaca Sox from one skein (can you believe that?) to make her a pair of baby sox. I'm a bit tired of this yarn even though its yummy.

Got a new sock on the needles. It's artyarns Superwash hand dyed and its beautiful in person. The colors are light blue, sort of sea green, raspberry and purple. I used the Sock recipe from Knitty to calc em out and now one is almost done. Another skein knitted up (almost) wahoo!

I was notified by a fellow member of an MSN group that the link to the pattern was incorrect, so it has been fixed. I believe you do have to sign up for the Knitting Daily Newsletter to get access to the free patterns, but I really like it so it was no skin off my nose. Hope you enjoy it!

October 14
Studfinder goes BOOOOOOOOP
Ok so my POS laptop had a broken M. It worked, but it was caddywampus so you had to press it very carefully or 'twouldn't produce the desired results (a forkin' M). The studliest husband on earth replaced my keyboard for me on Friday.

Oh yes, the Chief is The Proverbial "Sheet".

Ok so then Saturday night, the darling man took me to dinner. We ate like it was our last meal on earth. We patronized The Crazy Horse and scarfed like mad ya'll. On the way home, when discussing the subject of a possible romantic interlude with his wife later, The Chief was quoted as saying, "I better have some time for dinner to process unless you want me on top of you flopping around like a walrus while you say 'Hey Shamu, put somethin' into it will ya?'" Yeah that's romance. That isn't a complaint, but shared purely for its comic value. He was joking, but the man is just perfect for me. Perfect down to the bone (pun intended).

I finished the Alpaca Hederas too. They are loverly AND I have enough yarn left to make Smidgeon (our granddaughter who should be arriving in January) a hat and booties. We went for SDIL's bday last weekend and she's looking uncomfy already at 6 months. Dang I wonder if my boobs increased in size that much when number five was back in my tum tum. They would have been like Guinness big if they had, but maybe I've blocked it out. Anywho, visit for photos of Chrysopolis and the Smidgeon hat soon.

Enjoy fall ya'll and the stud.

October 12
Oh Yumminess, thy Name is Alpaca Sox
One Hedera and one leg down, one foot to go! These are a gift for Shannon and they are sooooooo pretty. I love 'em. They are made from Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn (in a colorway with I'm sure a clever name but I dunno where the label went). I'm on row 18 of the Secret of Chrysopolis too. I am totally in love with the yarn (wool cashmere blend laceweight I got off Ebay). It's squooshy, soft and lofty and is going to drape very prettily. I'll have a few photos when I get further, but it's really too small to take a photo of.

October 10
Knittin' Fool? Or Just Plain Old Fool?
Well I finished my second Jaywalker. I still think this yarn is kinda hideous, BUT it's 80% merino and 20% cashmere and man it feels like butta on your feet. The weird thing is, I used the same skein to knit the foot part of each sock and one pooled, the other didnt. How weird.

I also Cast on for the Secret of Chrysopolis. Sure I've only knitted two rows, but it feels like I'm almost done LOL (jk) The yarn is just a lovely laceweight wool I got off Ebay awhile ago. I believe I have 1850 yrds on this cone. We'll see how it goes.

I also have a gorgeous pair of variegated alpaca Hederas going. I've just picked up the stitches for the gussets on the first one but this pattern is so beautiful and the yarn is just pee your pants silky and warm. I wish the colors weren't pooling quite as much as they are, but they are so pretty I get over it every time it annoys me.

Hope you like em!

Oh and there's a photo of the Superwash hand dyed I got from Gentle Sunset on Etsy. I just want to tell you, WATCH THIS SHOP. (No I'm not affiliated) Heather will be dyeing again in November and her stuff is just beautiful and this yarn feels so soft. Those socks are going on MY FEET.

October 06
These are the Poms in the house, the big vanilla colored one is Napoleon (Poley) and is so named because of his fluffy jodhpur style haunches and also his "I am the big boss of the house" disposition. The littler white Pom is Princey and has already modeled on here.

Oh btw, I have 14 rows to go on the orange Swan Lake. YES! I also have a package of alpaca sock yarn on the way and my eye on another lot on Ebay so there may be a package photo soon. I haven't dared take a pic of the last few because some are for christmas gifts and I'm never sure who reads the blog or not.

October 04
I just found this photo of me and my best friend (aside from the Chief who has grown to be my closest friend on earth). Ok she is my BGFF. She has a pair of the lovely Jojoland Quarttete socks which I absolutely HATE. She loves them and will be getting another pair for Christmas in a new colorway, but don't tell her. I don't think she reads me!

October 02
Dirty Little Secret
OK, I admit it: I hate blocking. Hate, hate HATE! Last night, with the help of the Chief and Number 5 (he loves to spray the water on) I got my Swan Lake Stole pinned out and soaked down. It's going to my stepmother for her birthday, so I had to get it done to get it into the mail. They were a huge help. The Chief helped me get the blocking wires (I use 1/8" copper welding wires because they are a lot less expensive) into the stole and even bent the one that curves the wing around. Number five sprayed the water on until his little hands were so tired.

Today it's a bit damp still, but mostly dry. I don't even know if I'll have time for totally finished photos before I get it into the mail, but we'll have to see. It's goreous with tiny glass beads that are blue like the stole, but sparkle a faintly aqua color that makes it really pretty.

Try to pretend you can't see the hideous carpet in the basement. It'll be gone soon anyway for Laminate floors.

September 29
Cuteness McTootness
I had to post this today because it was just so cute.

I've finished the first half of the orange Swan Lake symmetrical stole and CO the second half - Something like 40 rows in. WOO HOO! After that I have to make a mate to my jaywalker and then I can start on the first clue to Secret of Chrysopolis. The first clue is out and it is SOOOO gorgeous. You can still join if you're interested! Let me know in a comment and I'll post a link if there's any interest.

September 27
Act like you've got a pair!
I finished a jaywalker! It was fun. My yarn color change did do kind of a weird pooling thing with the striping. It started out so pretty and got weird like Doctor Seuss blew up or something and sprayed garish stripes all over the foot of my sock but it's ok.

I knit it in Jojoland Quartette in the java orange meadow mauve colorway and it's the softest most yummy comfy yarn I've ever worked with. Number two to be cast on tomorrow.

September 25
I'm in, I'm INNNNNNN! Remember that scene in The Jerk with Steve Martin where he first sees his name in the phone book and says "It's this kind of publicity, your name in PRINT!! Now I'm SOMEBODY!!" Well that's how I feel now that I'm in on Ravelry. I know it will take me a bit to get myself totally into things, but my ID is BammerKT (Knitting Thupergoddeth) of course. Come see me!

September 24
Meet Princey. Now, don't be fooled by the fact that he's wearing a diaper (nervous piddle problem. . . . please don't mention it to him. He does get a bit embarrassed), but he is a humongous stud. In fact he was retired after 11 litters and he is now living out his days with our family.

He likes rainy days and pina coladas. If you have a nice girl dog out there to send to Princey, please feel free to send 8x10 glossies. We will also need her most recent vet records and a certificate from the obedience school she metriculated from.

I just thought he was funny laying there with his bum up on a pillow. Number four helps make the diapers out of shoelaces and hand towels we get at the dollar store. He's cute though huh?

September 22
Half a Monkey on my back
I admit it. I have never hand knitted socks before.

But, Bammers (I can hear you all saying), you've showed us socks before. Surely, it wasn't all just an ugly scam.

No I knitted those on my machines, but never by hand, UNTIL . . .

The Monkey

I have one done and one has about a third of the leg all done already. They will be a Christmas gift and my mom is already like, " For me right?"

Sorry, Mom. I won't say who they are for, but you might just find a pair of monkeys from Santa under the tree anyway. The yarn is this beautiful pink/purple/blue muted variegated that I adore to pieces. I'll definitely be making socks from this stash yarn again.

I also did a pair for number 5 on the machine. He had felt the yarn and said he would love a pair of socks (which is a first). Is this an active boy or what? Check out these scrapes!

September 19
I finished and frankly I'm still stunned it happened!
The Eternity Sweater is complete. I think the orange might have come out quite frightening in the photo, but in reality it's basically pretty frightening. Chief loves it though.

Now I can do something new! I had promised I wouldn't do anything else untilI finished, because he looked so forlorn every time I picked up something else. Now I can do anythingggggggggg I want. Woo hooooooooooo.

Now the last photo is all the yarn I had left. I used three cones of cotton that should have totalled 2520 yds. Now the original sweater called for 1808, but I lengthened the arms and body by about three inches (Chief is 6'4''). So that eensy weensy, weeeeeeeeeee little ball of yarn is what was left. It is LESS than 21 yards.

Now you see why I've been sweatin'.

September 17
Conversations while watching A Little Princess in Bammerland
Ok so watching movies with hordes of males is different. Tonight I was given the opportunity to choose what we watched. That never happens.

I picked the girliest thing I could find. A Little Princess remake from about 7 or 8 years ago. Please enjoy some samples of cinematic conversations we have here.

Sarah (aka the star of the movie): My mother is in heaven and so is yours, with wings of silk and a crown of baby rosebuds. . .

Me: I want a crown of baby rosebuds! Do I have to be dead to get one?

Number 5 (9 years old): I don't have mad gardening skills, Mom.

Me: Sigh
(so I guess that means Yes)

this is still a fun place to live, and number 5 asked to watch the end the next day. I guess he wanted to know how it turned out.

I've finished the knitting on Eternity. Now I still have the finishing to do, but I actually like to sew stuff up so no problem. I should have pics in the next few days. I have already sewed the shoulder seams. That enabled me to hang it on my hubby like a poncho to figure out how much length to add to the sleeves. MAN, he has some LONGGGGGGGGGGG arms.

I guess he has to if he's going to get them all the way around his chubby darling (that's me). Right now we are coasting a bit. Planning some trips over the winter and two parties. Never a dull moment around here! We also attended a wedding this weekend that was just lovely.

Someone had a wee bit too much to drink . . . . .

Ok it was me. It was lots of fun though and I wasn't driving or being a bad example to the kids as it was just the two of us for the evening.

Come back in a day or two for sweater photos. My darling Husband is getting excited to wear it.

September 07
The End of Eternity??
Well I blogged awhile ago that I was pretty worried about running out of yarn for hubby's sweater AKA The Eternity Sweater.

Now this is not the name of the pattern, it is the nickname based on the length of time it takes to knit this sucker. I had finished one sleeve and was scared to start the second. What if I ran out of yarn? Did I have enough?

The answer is YES!!!!!!!!!! . . . . but man just barely.

I weighed the first sleeve and the weight was 7.6 oz, then weighed the yarn I had left on the cone. I also have a little left from the first cone for sewing together. The yarn (after subtracting the weight of the cone) was 8.4 oz. Yes that is correct, I will end up with less than one oz of yarn when i've finished knitting and will need it for the neck finishing and sewing up.

You have to live right.

September 06
Twice in one day!?
Have I ever blogged twice in one day? I really don't know.

I just finished my swatch for Secret of the Stole!! Woo hoo!

I'm still not one hundred percent sold on using cobweb weight. I also have a tendency to overstretch and once again I lived up to my habits and stretched the crap out of it. Yay me!

I also scraped and primed all the lower level windows at my mom's house. She is just too tippy to be up on a ladder. If you think I'm exaggerating, she has fallen off ladders three times in the last 5 years and I really don't want her to get hurt.

August 2007

Teachers Be Blessed
I was so excited for this summer to start and to be honest, we have had a great time.

Call me a horrible Mom; I can deal with it, but I'm ready for them to go BACK TO SCHOOL.

Some of you know that we decided that over the sumer, the TV would be off between noon and 8 pm. This is necessary as the first two weeks off, we noticed WAY too much laying around in front of the TV. It's the first time in my parenting life that I realized that sometimes doing the right thing for your kids is miserable! They are driving me insane. Some days they just stand in whatever room I'm in and stare like this. It's annoying. Don't they know I'm trying to work or knit?

Remember when you were a kid and if you lived in a small town (which I did) or the country, you would hop on your bike in the morning, maybe come back for lunch, and then be back when the street lights came on? You probably did watch some TV, but your parents got priority on the TV when they were around and heck you only had three channels anyway. No one had to give you ideas what to do; YOU WERE FREE! Lordy, things have changed. Apparently a neighborhood full of children your age, a house full of craft and art supplies and sports equipment is just not good enough. Yesterday I just sent them outside and closed the curtains so I could pretend they were at school. Denial is a beautiful thing. I highly recommend you all try it.

In other news:

I finished a sleeve of the eternity sweater and I am SO SWEATING whether I have enough yarn. I mean i'm scared here people. Compared to knitting the front and back, the sleeve just zipped out. I have to get this sweater done before Mid-September so my darling husband can wear it on the motorcycle. I am also on my second Swan Lake stole in hot orange with gold beads - this will be a Christmas present for a family member who I sure hope is not reading my blog. On top of all that, I've joined two more Mystery Knit Alongs but neither is starting for a month so hopefully I'll be done with this one and the sweater by then. Cross your fingers!

Oh and my sister is visiting for Labor Day weekend so I won't be around but feel free to leave comments, contact via email etc!

August 22
Knit Nights are lucky!
Well last week on Tuesday night (Knit Nite) I was at the coffee shop where we go every other week and LO AND BEHOLD! My mom called me and she had rented my house. I have a one year lease signed and the first rent check already.

This week on Tuesday night - Knit nite again, Coincidence? I don't think so, My hubby got the lease signed on his house! We are now paying just one mortgage woo hoo!

I swear I'm planning on winning Lotto next Tuesday night while i'm knitting. No wonder John never bugs me about buying yarn and needles. The other ladies say their husbands complain but mine NEVER DOES so Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffft!

I know you want pictures. I'm still so busy with the kids and houses that I haven't had the energy but soon. I will be blocking the Swan Lake Stole soon and will take some pics of that prolly.,

August 21
10 things
1. We've leased a house. Woo hoo!

2. I've finished five hats for the Dulaan Project which my DH just recently was explaining to someone and confusing it with The Red Scarf Project. I didn't correct him. It's bad enough that he has to pretend to care when I talk knitting as much as I do. I'm pretty sure my knitty blather just sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher to him, but he really tries, bless him. The hats were knitted from stash (good girl, Bammies) AND I donated a box of stash to my mom who is crocheting cat mats for the human society. What a good example my mom is huh?

3. I'm almost half done with the first sleeve of the eternity sweater. (slightly terrified that I have not bought enough yarn from the same dye lot, but using my advanced denial skills, knitting along pretending not to be afraid)

4. MS3 is ready for blocking. Please note I've bought enough yarn for three more stoles which would not seem to contribute to my pledge to knit from stash, but shut up.

5. The "furnace guy" is showing up today at one of the rental houses to (yes i can call it a rental now since, Oh, did I tell you? IT'S RENTED) do the obligatory furnace inspection.

6. I am way too lazy to post photos of the MS3 even though I took some, but just trust me. It is GORGEOUS. The little tiny sparkly beads on it are perfect.

7. I'm selling a lot of books and have finished Chapter 2 of draft one of my book.

8. School starts two weeks from today and even though I have loved having the kids home, I think they're ready. They seem to be getting a bit bored, and its really hard to clean house with kids home all the time. They can mess faster than I can clean. I clean very slowly when I'm knitting. It's so slow you almost need to use time lapse photography to see anything getting done and frankly even then: Good luck.

9. Joe and Jessica are getting married on Saturday. That's John's oldest for those who have not read the old blog and learned the names of our (sometimes numbered) children. Joe is number one when I just use the number system. With a brood like this one, I can see why the Romans numbered theirs.

Last of all

10. I'm exhausted. Granted, I am a pansy, but I could use a vacation from summer vacay!

I promise photos all the time and I really never mean it, but

Photos soon!!

Your Score: Joe Normal
34 % Nerd, 30% Geek, 17% Dork
For The Record:A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.You scored less than half in all three, earning you the title of: Joe Normal. This is not to say that you don't have some Nerd, Geek or Dork inside of you--we all do, and you can see the percentages you have right above. This is just to say that none of those qualities stand out so much as to define you. Sure, you enjoy an episode of Star Trek now and again, and yeah, you kinda enjoyed a few classes back in the day. And, once in a while, you stumble while walking down the street even though there was nothing there to cause you to trip. But, for the most part, you look and act fairly typically, and aren't much of an outcast.

August 14
Sign me up, buddy!
Well once again, my power of self control astound.

I've signed up for another lace knit along, but hold onto your hats: This one is going to be in German. Yes, I mean the language. Knitting is the same in all languages.

I hear the instructions will be in English as well and the KAL is called Secret of Chrysopolis. How cool is that?

Check it out here: (if you speak German)

August 12

So I'm going to my first Knit Night with the Group from Lizzie Ann's . I'm pretty excited, but sort of nervous too. I have been working on so much stuff.

First of all I finished the front of The Infinity Sweater. That's not the real name of the pattern, but the length of time it seems to take to knit. It's a good thing I'm creating a freakin heirloom here, or I would have given up.

Second, my new garter carriage is cranking. It is currently (and I do mean while I type) knitting a scarf to go with the red and white striped beanie (see "Is it just Smee?) entry from a few weeks back.

Third. The Swan Lake Stole, formerly known as MS3. It is beautiful!! I finished Clue 5 in two days so I'm waiting to start Clue 6 (which came out Friday morning) until Tuesday night.

I also charted a lace scarf for my mom's Christmas gift. (one of em) I've knitted up a swatch and haven't made up my mind yet if its perfect.

I've done four hats for charity knitting. Haven't decided yet if it will be Afghans for Afhans or the Dulaan project, or maybe even something local. They are all pink and purple except for one blue baby hat. I know you all deserve photos but I am just toooooo dang lazy right now.

Here look at this. Its a Christmas photo of John and me at a neighborhood party. It was casual, but yes we do know how to get really dressed up. I will get some more photos on soon. Maybe of Knit Night!!

You know I'm kinda scraping the bottom when I'm posting photos of us, but i now feel obligated to post SOMETHING to look at besides text every time!