Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I am actually having kind of a rough day, but it's ok. I am shaking it off!

Last night The Chief fixed this most favoritest Halloween decoration of my sons. From the first year he could walk he would toddle his buns over and start this thing over and over and over. The poor bobble head was broken and my husband wired it back together last night.

(notice how I slipped in a sock for knitting content. This is a knitting blog after all (kinda).

I took a better pic of the socks here too.


Just in time to be packed up and mailed off to one of my sisters for her November 7th birthday.

And last: Just for you, Carrie.


I even put on my horrible fleece just to complete the picture. You can actually tell I had just put it over my head if you look really closely, because my eyebrow hairs are all caddywumpus from pulling it over my head. Fun fact for ya.

Someone new subscribed to my blog yesterday. I don't know why that makes me so darn happy, but it does. I'm weird!

and now, time to try to pretend we don't have a ton of candy in the house!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Behold! The Jackass or No Knitting Content

I had a bit of a rant today about this idiot neighbor of mine. He is very yard obsessed and we love in a neighborhood full of really humongous beech trees. Now that means that this time of year, I have to go outside and move piles of leaves as big as my car. I do have a smallish car, but I'm not exaggerating about the size of the piles here.

Every time I go out to work on leaves, he HAS to come outside and start mowing up leaves in his yard. He's freaky anyway. He never looks you in the eye and tells you what's going on with each family on the block (which makes me wonder what he thinks is going on in my house and tells people about even though he has no clue). he also does that thing where he talks to you, then you answer, and he goes on to some other topic without even acknowledging that you answered as if he was thinking about his next statement the whole time.

I hate this guy! And i kinneared him just for you.


It was a very Pink Panther moment with me hiding behind one of the rhodos. Boo Hiss! Hate him from afar for me!

Also, Carrie wanted a picture of my head. Oh and my mom left me a phone message. She said her bowels are working properly, but I'm not sure if that means she DID shit or didn't when she saw the last post.

Pay no attention to the crazy swirlylike thing on the top of my head oh and the hideous lumberjack fleece I've had since before I had my 11 year old child. I didn't exactly prep for the picture.

Have a fabulous Thursday! Oh and knitting content soon!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wanna See Something Creepy? or My Mom's going to Shit!

Guess what this is!

No it's not a serial killer trophy (but clearly I'm watching too much Dexter)

Nope, I didn't scalp a Barbie!


I'm sending my hair to Locks of Love. For those of you who aren't in the U.S., Locks of Love makes wigs for kids who have various illnesses and conditions and either can't grow hair, or their hair has fallen out permanently. They can have it. I'm glad it's gone!

It's kind of freaky having them cut that ponytail off your head. the whole salon was rapt.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I've been boring. . .

It's been raining here a lot, and it just makes me want to nest. I've been cleaning, getting rid of things we don't use anymore. I've been getting ready for the retreat in November too. Busy busy!

Although I have been spinning! This is a Merino/Tencel blend dyed by Hungry for Handspun. Isn't it pretty?


Also, I finished the front and back on the Chief's gansey. They are currently blocking while I work on the sleeves! I figured then I can attach the front and back at the shoulders and get a better idea on sleeve length for DH, aka ape arms. I am always surprised at how much better my sweater pieces look once blocked. I hate blocking and tend to just leave it for far too long, but it really is like magic. It can take a piece that looks a little uneven and funkay and make it look perfect! It can make a piece of lace that looks like a hot mess of grody ramen that's gone a very wrong color into something really beauteous. (Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself that blocking doesn't suck? Yep)

Pics of the blocked front and back soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moondance Anyone?

Most days, I get up and fix my husband some breakfast before he heads off to work, and he needs to leave the house by about 6:10 am so it's pretty early for most people.

About two weeks ago, as he was finished and in his truck to leave, I decided I needed to bring out a bag to the dumpster, and while returning through the headlights of his truck, I stopped and mooned him. Yep, I just thought it would make him laugh. Well, he did chuckle, then backed down the driveway, turned his head to the left, and saw a neighbor of ours standing on the corner in the dark with her dog.

No charge on the show, lady.

Anywho! I'm knitting that same DH a sweater. It's a gansey from Arans & Celtics. Someone liked it enough to take a wee snooze on it yesterday.
I know, he looks possessed, but when the camera comes on, it makes a little beepbeep noise and wakes him.

Also, last Friday, there was no school, and this time of year, no school looks like this more often than not.


Lord of the Rings movie marathon.

Last, I finally finished spinning that Jacob fleece! Say hello to Clarissa!
Her fleece came from Sweetgrass Jacobs (a Michington farm) and her mama sent along a photo of her. I think that is a super cool thing for us spinners.

You see I bought my very first fleece, which was a Jacob lamb, from this same farm and contacted her for more awhile ago. Clarissa was picked out especially for me, and her fleece was fabulous. It was springy, soft and lovely to process and spin. Now it's 1888 yards of DK to worsted (not sure yet, must thwack and dry and count wpi, but honestly my guess is worsted). She'll make someone around here a very fine sweater!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


That Goofiness is indeed hereditary, but clearly skips a generation since I am goof-free.


Further proof that I finished the sweater that started out being for me and ended up being for number 5.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

See a Penny

My husband picked up a lost penny today. I guess it really was sort of a lucky day because . .

I finished the handspun raglan. It's blocking right now and I'll get a photo tomorrow. Yay!

Next I am planning an experimental sweater for my husband. it might be interesting :S.

The better news is that my DH went over to fix a little issue at my old house which we currently rent out. We have fabulous tenants. They have never missed rent, they only call me when there really is something going on, and they are just really nice people. Plus they're having a wee bebeh which I always like.

Awhile ago we mentioned that we would be willing to sell the house if they wanted it. I guess I figure they're in their third year there. They like the neighborhood and have made friend. Plus with them having a baby, I guess we felt like they might be thinking "hey it's time to buy". I'm not saying it IS time to buy, but that whole baby thing does tend to make people want to make grownup kinda moves.

They told my husband they are considering it based on that tax credit this year for first time home buyers.

I peed! I would love to sell that house! Wish me luck!

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Official!

Fall is definitely here when my husband gets a load of firewood delivered and we get to snuggle up in front of a nice warm fire.

It does NOT suck!

Tomorrow I hope to do something similar after the football game, but it will include a new accessory in the photo.


Oh yeah, and the handspun sweater had some problems. One sleeve is finished, but i feel like the cuff is too loose, so will be frogged back six rows and just the cuff reknit and bound off again. I also intended it originally to be a turtleneck, so the neck opening was fairly tight, but since it's going to number 5 instead, well it needs a bigger headhole. So perhaps tomorrow I'll be doing the frogging from the start end. Is that really frogging? gorfing? Whatever, I'll rip out the neckhole, knit some short rows on the back of the neck and then do some ribbing rows instead. I think it will be a bit more wearable and I'll like it better and that's what counts. Besides - lurning experiensh.

Plus - clue two of Through the Loops Socktoberfest KAL is out so lots to do and no more time to type!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well first of all, let me say that KNITTER WON!!!!!!!!!!!! Please email me your mailing info to to claim your prize! I'm sorry I don't have more to give away though!

(but don't worry, SexyThroughAdversity, there is a chance that Santa will bring you a twin)

To Colin: You are right, he is the cutest thing in the post. He is my sweet boy and just got a nice belly rub!

To BethanyG: It makes me look like this guy

Which was not the look I was going for. He's all I could think about when I was trying to arrange it on my head so I didn't look stupid.

In other news, I'm nearly finished with the raglan, but it will be going to my son. The weird part is, it actually does fit me. When he grows out of it, I won't be bringing it to charity, but keeping it. It's very strange to have your little baby wearing stuff that fits you.

The ribs make it look skinnier than it is, but blocking will straighten that out a wee bit and even out the stitches. It does fit him quite nicely. I just started to feel like maybe the yarn was more manly than I wanted in a sweater for myself and I was pretty sure it would fit him as is, so NEW PLAN!

And this weekend we decided to cook up the turkey from the freezer. My husband REALLY knows how to cook a turkey, but I was a little taken aback by the fact that the ankles seemed to have been stuffed through what used to be what we like to refer to around here as "the poop chute". (that's more because the kids think it's funny, but whatever) I've cooked turkeys before, but I never saw that. Usually I have seem them with that little plastic thing that holds the ankles together.

Anywho so I was commenting and we were all staring down at this beauty after it came out of the oven and with a straight face and quite off-handedly my mom mutters, "you'd think you'd trip."

Oh man I just laughed so hard. Well heck yeah you'd trip! But the turkey was fantastic. It was already another dinner with plans for turkey soup with what I have left over the weekend!


And yes, I know that's not technically the exit, but just a big flap of skin that the legs are shoved through. I was just being funny.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Excitement Abounds




Oh yeah

I've been knitting!

I made an Anemoon. This is a super cute hat and a well written pattern that just so happens to look hideous on me :D. I need to point out too that I do not ask that kid to model for me. He gets home from school and I tell him I finished something. He immediately puts it on and poses. I'm not even kidding!


Man, I love that face!

If you'd like to own this lovely hat, just leave me a comment. If there are more than one I'll choose at random and mail you the hat. Tempting I know :|.

Also, it's Socktober! That's right people! Time to have the pants scared off you by ghouls and goblins and time to knit ya some socks! I'm participating in a Mystery sock Knitalong hosted by Through the Loops. I haven't been in a real knitalong since the lace knitalong debacle of 2007, so I thought it was time. Exciting so far right?

Pay no attention to that size 1 aluminum needle in there. I snapped a bamboo needle this morning. EZ says it doesn't matter and even though I'm not technically a disciple, on this one I'm going with her.

Happy Socktober!