Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Official!

Fall is definitely here when my husband gets a load of firewood delivered and we get to snuggle up in front of a nice warm fire.

It does NOT suck!

Tomorrow I hope to do something similar after the football game, but it will include a new accessory in the photo.


Oh yeah, and the handspun sweater had some problems. One sleeve is finished, but i feel like the cuff is too loose, so will be frogged back six rows and just the cuff reknit and bound off again. I also intended it originally to be a turtleneck, so the neck opening was fairly tight, but since it's going to number 5 instead, well it needs a bigger headhole. So perhaps tomorrow I'll be doing the frogging from the start end. Is that really frogging? gorfing? Whatever, I'll rip out the neckhole, knit some short rows on the back of the neck and then do some ribbing rows instead. I think it will be a bit more wearable and I'll like it better and that's what counts. Besides - lurning experiensh.

Plus - clue two of Through the Loops Socktoberfest KAL is out so lots to do and no more time to type!

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  1. It'll be months before I get to have a fire... sniff...

    gorfing... heh


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