Thursday, October 29, 2009

Behold! The Jackass or No Knitting Content

I had a bit of a rant today about this idiot neighbor of mine. He is very yard obsessed and we love in a neighborhood full of really humongous beech trees. Now that means that this time of year, I have to go outside and move piles of leaves as big as my car. I do have a smallish car, but I'm not exaggerating about the size of the piles here.

Every time I go out to work on leaves, he HAS to come outside and start mowing up leaves in his yard. He's freaky anyway. He never looks you in the eye and tells you what's going on with each family on the block (which makes me wonder what he thinks is going on in my house and tells people about even though he has no clue). he also does that thing where he talks to you, then you answer, and he goes on to some other topic without even acknowledging that you answered as if he was thinking about his next statement the whole time.

I hate this guy! And i kinneared him just for you.


It was a very Pink Panther moment with me hiding behind one of the rhodos. Boo Hiss! Hate him from afar for me!

Also, Carrie wanted a picture of my head. Oh and my mom left me a phone message. She said her bowels are working properly, but I'm not sure if that means she DID shit or didn't when she saw the last post.

Pay no attention to the crazy swirlylike thing on the top of my head oh and the hideous lumberjack fleece I've had since before I had my 11 year old child. I didn't exactly prep for the picture.

Have a fabulous Thursday! Oh and knitting content soon!


  1. Maybe he feels guilty that you're working and he still has leaves in his yard.
    CUTE HAIR! Now a frontal, please. (I realize, given that you're you, that request might turn out differently than I'd intended, but my request stands.)
    What wheel is that? It's beautiful!

  2. Oh, we hates that guy.

    Cute hair!

    (Trust our Carrie to ask for a frontal. *L*)

  3. Oh my gosh! Your hair looks GREAT!!


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