Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moondance Anyone?

Most days, I get up and fix my husband some breakfast before he heads off to work, and he needs to leave the house by about 6:10 am so it's pretty early for most people.

About two weeks ago, as he was finished and in his truck to leave, I decided I needed to bring out a bag to the dumpster, and while returning through the headlights of his truck, I stopped and mooned him. Yep, I just thought it would make him laugh. Well, he did chuckle, then backed down the driveway, turned his head to the left, and saw a neighbor of ours standing on the corner in the dark with her dog.

No charge on the show, lady.

Anywho! I'm knitting that same DH a sweater. It's a gansey from Arans & Celtics. Someone liked it enough to take a wee snooze on it yesterday.
I know, he looks possessed, but when the camera comes on, it makes a little beepbeep noise and wakes him.

Also, last Friday, there was no school, and this time of year, no school looks like this more often than not.


Lord of the Rings movie marathon.

Last, I finally finished spinning that Jacob fleece! Say hello to Clarissa!
Her fleece came from Sweetgrass Jacobs (a Michington farm) and her mama sent along a photo of her. I think that is a super cool thing for us spinners.

You see I bought my very first fleece, which was a Jacob lamb, from this same farm and contacted her for more awhile ago. Clarissa was picked out especially for me, and her fleece was fabulous. It was springy, soft and lovely to process and spin. Now it's 1888 yards of DK to worsted (not sure yet, must thwack and dry and count wpi, but honestly my guess is worsted). She'll make someone around here a very fine sweater!


  1. that is some lovely spinning! and I'm totally lmao at the moon story.

  2. That's what that lady gets for being outside so early.

    Love all the fluff and stuff!

  3. That would be just my luck too! LOL!


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