Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well first of all, let me say that KNITTER WON!!!!!!!!!!!! Please email me your mailing info to to claim your prize! I'm sorry I don't have more to give away though!

(but don't worry, SexyThroughAdversity, there is a chance that Santa will bring you a twin)

To Colin: You are right, he is the cutest thing in the post. He is my sweet boy and just got a nice belly rub!

To BethanyG: It makes me look like this guy

Which was not the look I was going for. He's all I could think about when I was trying to arrange it on my head so I didn't look stupid.

In other news, I'm nearly finished with the raglan, but it will be going to my son. The weird part is, it actually does fit me. When he grows out of it, I won't be bringing it to charity, but keeping it. It's very strange to have your little baby wearing stuff that fits you.

The ribs make it look skinnier than it is, but blocking will straighten that out a wee bit and even out the stitches. It does fit him quite nicely. I just started to feel like maybe the yarn was more manly than I wanted in a sweater for myself and I was pretty sure it would fit him as is, so NEW PLAN!

And this weekend we decided to cook up the turkey from the freezer. My husband REALLY knows how to cook a turkey, but I was a little taken aback by the fact that the ankles seemed to have been stuffed through what used to be what we like to refer to around here as "the poop chute". (that's more because the kids think it's funny, but whatever) I've cooked turkeys before, but I never saw that. Usually I have seem them with that little plastic thing that holds the ankles together.

Anywho so I was commenting and we were all staring down at this beauty after it came out of the oven and with a straight face and quite off-handedly my mom mutters, "you'd think you'd trip."

Oh man I just laughed so hard. Well heck yeah you'd trip! But the turkey was fantastic. It was already another dinner with plans for turkey soup with what I have left over the weekend!


And yes, I know that's not technically the exit, but just a big flap of skin that the legs are shoved through. I was just being funny.


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