Thursday, October 1, 2009

Excitement Abounds




Oh yeah

I've been knitting!

I made an Anemoon. This is a super cute hat and a well written pattern that just so happens to look hideous on me :D. I need to point out too that I do not ask that kid to model for me. He gets home from school and I tell him I finished something. He immediately puts it on and poses. I'm not even kidding!


Man, I love that face!

If you'd like to own this lovely hat, just leave me a comment. If there are more than one I'll choose at random and mail you the hat. Tempting I know :|.

Also, it's Socktober! That's right people! Time to have the pants scared off you by ghouls and goblins and time to knit ya some socks! I'm participating in a Mystery sock Knitalong hosted by Through the Loops. I haven't been in a real knitalong since the lace knitalong debacle of 2007, so I thought it was time. Exciting so far right?

Pay no attention to that size 1 aluminum needle in there. I snapped a bamboo needle this morning. EZ says it doesn't matter and even though I'm not technically a disciple, on this one I'm going with her.

Happy Socktober!


  1. How can that hat look hideous on you? It's cute, you're cute...

  2. I think it's just beautiful - I'd love a hat like that!

  3. Well, it is my signature color and I do look good in hats....

  4. Weird, my comments don't go through or something. I commented earlier saying I'd like my name to be put in for the raffle of the hat. I've yet to get a knit made by someone else.

  5. Forget the hat(great colour), how cute is that dog?!


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