Sunday, October 11, 2009

See a Penny

My husband picked up a lost penny today. I guess it really was sort of a lucky day because . .

I finished the handspun raglan. It's blocking right now and I'll get a photo tomorrow. Yay!

Next I am planning an experimental sweater for my husband. it might be interesting :S.

The better news is that my DH went over to fix a little issue at my old house which we currently rent out. We have fabulous tenants. They have never missed rent, they only call me when there really is something going on, and they are just really nice people. Plus they're having a wee bebeh which I always like.

Awhile ago we mentioned that we would be willing to sell the house if they wanted it. I guess I figure they're in their third year there. They like the neighborhood and have made friend. Plus with them having a baby, I guess we felt like they might be thinking "hey it's time to buy". I'm not saying it IS time to buy, but that whole baby thing does tend to make people want to make grownup kinda moves.

They told my husband they are considering it based on that tax credit this year for first time home buyers.

I peed! I would love to sell that house! Wish me luck!


  1. If they do buy it, I hope you're wearing Depends... o.0

  2. Oh yay,I hope they are able to buy it.

  3. Make sure they close on the house by November 30, to get the tax credit. The CPA sneaks out!


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