Monday, January 7, 2008

April 2007

Some stuff I wanna hate on.
So ok, I got married last year. My husband, who I think is just the most awesome man in the entire world, has four kids. I have one.

We really needed a house bigger than either of ours to fit them all in. Don't get me wrong, his two oldest boys are grown, but we both had three bedroom houses. Ok, so stick with me here. My house had a signed purchase agreement after much haggling etc, then the stupid woman who signed an offer couldn't get financing. I mean really, who's credit is that bad? It wasn't even much money! So there I was stuck with two houses. Crap.

Shortly after that we got married. This marriage is the best thing I ever got to have, so I'm not complaining, but my hub still had his house. Yep thats three.

It's so stressful. I'm so sick of all the stuff that goes with having three houses, I could vomit all over the place. The hub didn't even get his on the market until December. DECEMBER. I'm starting to really stress over getting rid of them. They are both nice, but this economy has been hit so hard, people are leaving in wagon trains I tell ya.

That kinda feels better. Thanks guys.

First machine project - SUCCESS! (freakin finally)
Ok, so this is the first start to finish desgned by me project and the pic I got wasn't too swell. Its just dark behind my husband and you can't see all that well. Poor guy has been working more than 12 hours a day lately, so forgive him looking tired and not exactly giddy about his new hat. Poor guy. Its number two in the album over there >. Number four is a pic of a my very first sock on the machine.

So he wanted a beanie to wear under his motorcycle helmet. I don't know if his head is bigger than most. It should be because he's a big guy, but lots of the ones he's bought are not long enough so he asked for one. I figure if you're larger than the average man - like quite a bit larger, you'd look like a pinhead if your head was average size right? RIGHT? He's hot though huh? My husband is a hottie. Drool away, ladies, heck and gents too!

Now important to note about the sock. This yarn is YUM. Its called Quartette by Jojoland and its 80% merino wool, 20% cashmere. The color way was probably not my first choice, though I do think it would be much lovelier for a sweater for a little one. Just imagine how sweet a baby would look in a little simple cardigan from this yarn. But it is so soft and warm that I just couldn't pass it up.

I swear I must have 20 "starts" for the hat that I had to throw out because of stuff that went wrong. I learned a ton and I am blessed with the capability to laugh at myself which frankly I need a lot. Machine knitting is sort of an adventure I'm finding out and lots of adventures have moments that are um - the type that solicit dirty words from the adventurer. I said a few, but success is more fun when you really had to work to get there.

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