Monday, January 7, 2008

March 08, 2007

March 08
Numero Uno
Welp we still have a crapload of snow here in Michigan. I can't even believe it! By now we should be seeing snowdrops and we can't even see our driveways. What the heck!

My hubby and I have been soo busy with the family and the pets and the three dang houses! See back when we got married, my old (single mom with one kid) house was supposed to be sold, but lo and behold, the woman who signed a purchase agreement for it couldn't get the funds. I mean really. Don't you check these kinds of things before you go and look at houses? That's just crazy! So anyway, we bought a new house together for our whole family, them we ended up still stuck with my old one. STILL HASN"T SOLD!! What the!! I didn't think it was the Taj Mahal, but it was perfect for a single mom with one or two kids and affordable on a nice block. COME ON! So Hubby's old (bachelor with kids) house is for sale too. It just wasn't big enough for all of us.

So hey, we are like landbarons - only we don't want to be and we have no feudal peasants and shit which you really kinda need to make a decent landbaron. We aren't even slumlords because that implies you're a landlord and we don't have any of those either damnit!

I gotta go back and finish An Officer and a Gentleman now so later for the rest!

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