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July 2007

July 29
Shades of Blue MS3 and other tales
After the second clue ( I think it was) came out for MS3, we had a little meetup here in Holland Michigan. Please allow me to introduce Tammy and Diane. Two other knitters working on beautiful blue MS3s. Yes you heard that right. Three of us met and we were ALL working on blue stoles. I wonder if the blue waters of our lovely Lake Michigan had anything to do with that!

It was a great meeting and I really enjoyed it, although I realized just what an inexperienced lace knitter I am seeing them with their work. Beautiful!

July 21
MS3 Fun
Well I am nearly done with Clue 3 on my restarted MS3. Poley got himself tangled in the yarn between my needles and my cone and pulled the work off the needles. I was a tad distressed, BUT I can tell that the practice did me good. This attempt is much prettier. I'll post a photo when I finish clue 4. I also just bought yarn and beads to make another for my mom for Christmas.

Also, I met two other MS3 knitters in the general vicinity. I had a great time although it was apparent I'm a seriously ignorant lace knitter!

July 14
Is it just Smee???
I did this new hat for my Ri on the Brother 860. He is very gangsta is he not?

I didn't tell him that if I put tiny silver specs on him, he'd look just like Captain Hook's first mate, Smee. I figured that wasn't the look he was going for.

July 09
Pic of MS3
I finally took a pic today. Its terrible but I don't know if its a matter of none of our cameras being worth a crap, or if its a matter of me sucking at the digital photo thing. I've organized a local meetup here in Holland for the West Michiganders in on the MS3. If they give permission, I'll post a few pics of that too. I can't believe how much fun it's been to knit. The yarn is a cadet blue cotton with very sparkly beads in the same color. Gorgeous. I keep picturing it over a black or white blouse with jeans and I can't wait to see it.

I finished chapter two of "The Book" today. I was so excited. I'm also going to actually let someone read it. It's weird and like showing someone what you look like naked, but I'll have to show someone someday when it's published so might as well go ahead and do it.

I've also been working on the book business hammer and tongs. We just don't have enough room so I don't know for sure how I"m going to handle things, and we still need to sell or rent two houses.

Basically I live in a zoo!

I do want to say, I take back the curses on the Yarn Harlot . The MS3 knit along has been an incredible amount of fun, I'm planning on starting another one in a very light yellow (almost cream) and undecided on the bead color.

I can't afford yarn because of the houses. I had to knit from stash but heck my stash is enormous. If I didn't knit on machines too, I would have enough for the rest of my life.

Come back soon. So much stuff is going on!

July 07
Can you say "OBSESSED"???
Ok in my defense, I've been finishing lots of projects lately. I finished a sweater and pair of socks for Jessie and a hat for Ri in the last three days. All had been lying around waiting for finish work. I also have ribbing only to knit on a sweater for Ri too. Photos of all to come soon.

Then - horror of horrors, I went to read one of my fave sites, the yarn harlot. She was blogging (read: enabling) about this knit along project in a yahoo group called MS3 which stands for Mystery Stole 3. Her first reason for being talked into it was that all those people would be having fun without her. If I didn't sign up, they'd be having all that fun without me too.

I can't have that.

Plus, I've never knitted with beads, I've never hand knitted lace (i've done it on the machine but I'm not sure that counts in this particular instance). I don't know how to knit off a chart and I've never done a knit along.

Didn't think I'd let that stuff stop me didja?? I'm in - I'm so in that I was digging through my stash in less than ten minutes after reading her site. I just signed up for the yahoo group and got the materials sheet. I chose a sort of cadet blue laceweight cotton thats turning out so beautiful and chose to use tiny blue sparkly beads with it. They just wink at you ever so subtly from the knitting.

Oh crap, I'm in love. The first clue is almost knitted and I'm already thinking about starting another in Navy blue with silver beads.

Psycho - Darn you, Yarn Harlot! Darn you all to heck! (that's as nasty as I can get after a full month with kidlets around. My curser is in the off position right now) You're a filthy enabler! That's what you are! You know we're all addicted and what do you do? Its like handing a junky a syringe and its just plain wrong!! But thanks, I don't expect you to ever read my blog, but thanks from the bottom of my heart. This knit along has been the most fun I've had knitting in - i dunno - days prolly.

Pics to come soon.

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