Monday, January 7, 2008

January 06
Sorry, Dudes
I'm still just completely being sucked down into the yawing chasm of stress that seems to have opened in my life in the past six weeks.

I have stuff I've been working on, and I've taken photos, and will probably post tomorrow. I don't believ ein using a blog to air your personal problems, but holy shit.

Oh and to you people who work at Rush University Medical Center:

You people are H O R R I B L E. I'm sure some of you are providing adequate, dare I say even good medical care, but you are assholes. I met ONE nice nurse. Just one. His name was James. James, if you are reading this, cover your eyes, this it not for you. The rest of you are horrible buttheads. People are coming there, many far from home, tired from caring for sick loved ones, getting up WAY pre crack of dawn to make the surgical schedules and you just treat them like they are shit on your shoe. If I had brought my camera to the hospital with me, I would have taken your photos and posted you here in a Rush University Medical Center Hall of Shame. If I ever have to go back, I swear I will make a special trip just to do that.

Shame on you, still except James, oh crap, and Bonnie. Bonnie this is not to you either. Shame, shame, shame on you. Especially you receptionists. You are some badass bitches and NOT in a good way.

January 01
More Good News
Our Granddaughter came yesterday. She gave her mom a pretty rough time, but she got here just the same. After about 24 hours of labor and two hours of pushing, she was a C-section baby.

Amongst the bad news of late, she is sure some welcome good news. She was five days early. Just in time for Daddy to take a tax deduction. Now back when we were getting ready for her shower, I taught number 4 to use one of the Knitting machines to make her a hat. Number 4 was THRILLED to find her wearing it in the hospital when we got there. How great is that for an 11 year old aunt to show up to hold her new niece and find her wearing the hat she "made". It was wonderful!

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