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October 2007

October 31
Woo hoo!
Today the Second clue for Mystic Waters comes out! I've been done with Clue 1 since Friday and trying to catch up on The Secret of Chrysopolis (which I think I am giving one of my sisters for Christmas). I finally finished Clue 2 today and will now set aside until I finish Clue 2 of MW.

Confused yet?

I am using a gorgeous dark pink cashmere/wool blend from forest greener. If you don't know them, Google and DROOL! The Addi Circs I am using are a US 3 and not long enough to do a proper block without taking the stole off the needles so you can't see much but the middle, but isn't it just turning out pretty? I think it seriously might be the prettiest thing I've ever knit.

Happy Halloween!
Me and the Big Bad Wolf

Where the heck are the 40 Thieves?
Photos of Number 5's H'weenie costume. I haven't had a lot of knitting time while I sewed, but that only took two days so knitting pics soon.

October 24
Oh fine Chrysopolis too

Quick Mystic Waters Pic
I'm not done with Clue 1 yet and am using laceweight cashmere/wool blend I got from my favorite Ebay seller. I'm on Row 80 and have just installed my second lifeline (removed the first already).

It's turning out sooo pretty!

Do not be Alarmed
This is how Poley likes to sleep. He's not dead. Every once in awhile I reach down and grab one of his feet just to freak him out. Afterwards he give me the ole doggy stinkeye. I love that.

Number five is going to be Ali Baba for Halloween, and I have finished his turban. Enjoy.

I also finished the Chief's fingerless gloves. He is being dorky with them, but you should have seen the picture we took where he was doing jazz hands. He started laughing in the middle and then I did and the picture was all goofy. The gloves are perfect though. They are made from one of the yarn porn subjects and I think I have enough left for a beanie.

Still working on Chrysopolis and Secret of the Stole, and yet another KAL starting today called Mystic waters. So excited!

October 17
Turkey Soup, Yarn P0rn, and Oh Crap!
So I had this turkey in the freezer. It was the nearly stripped turkey, but frankly they make great soup so I took it out yesterday. After simmering it for a few hours, I took the turkey itself out of the stock, stripped the actual meat off and tossed it back into the pot, chopped up carrots, celery, onion, cooked some Thai sweet rice, threw it all in with some poultry seasoning, salt and pepper and VOILA! dinner. It was yummy with a loaf of bread fresh out of the breadmaker. Hey, I do have cooking skazzizzles. (hehe that's just because my son hates it when I try to talk Snoopdog)

Also, the lovely postlady dropped off some stuff to shoot endorphins through my system. Drooling shall ensue:

Rose YarnTreeHouse Alpaca Luster - Ye shall be socks (prolly)

Pure wool homespun from Lamzie Divy on Etsy. Ye Gray shall be fingerless gloves for my Darling Husband, Ye purply blue shall be socks.

Now this is my absolutely favorite yarn in the entire world. It's Jojoland Quartette. 80% merino, 20 Cashmere and in a prettier colorway than I got last time (see the posts about Ronald McDonald socks) I'm tempted to just hoard this yarn because right now it could be anything, but once i start knitting it up and reducing the available quantity, my choices quickly whittle away.

Last but not least at all is OH CRAP!

I finished these toe up, twisted rib socks and love them. Had some yarn left and the Chief suggested thumbless mitts for Smidgeon. I got one all done, then ran out of yarn just over halfway through the second. (Oh well) I hate to toss pretty yarn out, but this time I'm gonna just do it in the name os stash reduction.

October 16
Why yes, That is a Chili Bowl Subbed for a Baby's Head
Smidgeon's hat! It's the Vine Lace Baby hat from Interweave Knits and I used leftover Alpaca Sox from Shannon's Hederas. I used a chili bowl to approximate her head. Let's face it, I don't have a spare baby head lying around the house (until Smidgeon gets here to model). She'll be here in January so I figure she'll need warm stuff for awhile. I STILL have enough Alpaca Sox from one skein (can you believe that?) to make her a pair of baby sox. I'm a bit tired of this yarn even though its yummy.

Got a new sock on the needles. It's artyarns Superwash hand dyed and its beautiful in person. The colors are light blue, sort of sea green, raspberry and purple. I used the Sock recipe from Knitty to calc em out and now one is almost done. Another skein knitted up (almost) wahoo!

I was notified by a fellow member of an MSN group that the link to the pattern was incorrect, so it has been fixed. I believe you do have to sign up for the Knitting Daily Newsletter to get access to the free patterns, but I really like it so it was no skin off my nose. Hope you enjoy it!

October 14
Studfinder goes BOOOOOOOOP
Ok so my POS laptop had a broken M. It worked, but it was caddywampus so you had to press it very carefully or 'twouldn't produce the desired results (a forkin' M). The studliest husband on earth replaced my keyboard for me on Friday.

Oh yes, the Chief is The Proverbial "Sheet".

Ok so then Saturday night, the darling man took me to dinner. We ate like it was our last meal on earth. We patronized The Crazy Horse and scarfed like mad ya'll. On the way home, when discussing the subject of a possible romantic interlude with his wife later, The Chief was quoted as saying, "I better have some time for dinner to process unless you want me on top of you flopping around like a walrus while you say 'Hey Shamu, put somethin' into it will ya?'" Yeah that's romance. That isn't a complaint, but shared purely for its comic value. He was joking, but the man is just perfect for me. Perfect down to the bone (pun intended).

I finished the Alpaca Hederas too. They are loverly AND I have enough yarn left to make Smidgeon (our granddaughter who should be arriving in January) a hat and booties. We went for SDIL's bday last weekend and she's looking uncomfy already at 6 months. Dang I wonder if my boobs increased in size that much when number five was back in my tum tum. They would have been like Guinness big if they had, but maybe I've blocked it out. Anywho, visit for photos of Chrysopolis and the Smidgeon hat soon.

Enjoy fall ya'll and the stud.

October 12
Oh Yumminess, thy Name is Alpaca Sox
One Hedera and one leg down, one foot to go! These are a gift for Shannon and they are sooooooo pretty. I love 'em. They are made from Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn (in a colorway with I'm sure a clever name but I dunno where the label went). I'm on row 18 of the Secret of Chrysopolis too. I am totally in love with the yarn (wool cashmere blend laceweight I got off Ebay). It's squooshy, soft and lofty and is going to drape very prettily. I'll have a few photos when I get further, but it's really too small to take a photo of.

October 10
Knittin' Fool? Or Just Plain Old Fool?
Well I finished my second Jaywalker. I still think this yarn is kinda hideous, BUT it's 80% merino and 20% cashmere and man it feels like butta on your feet. The weird thing is, I used the same skein to knit the foot part of each sock and one pooled, the other didnt. How weird.

I also Cast on for the Secret of Chrysopolis. Sure I've only knitted two rows, but it feels like I'm almost done LOL (jk) The yarn is just a lovely laceweight wool I got off Ebay awhile ago. I believe I have 1850 yrds on this cone. We'll see how it goes.

I also have a gorgeous pair of variegated alpaca Hederas going. I've just picked up the stitches for the gussets on the first one but this pattern is so beautiful and the yarn is just pee your pants silky and warm. I wish the colors weren't pooling quite as much as they are, but they are so pretty I get over it every time it annoys me.

Hope you like em!

Oh and there's a photo of the Superwash hand dyed I got from Gentle Sunset on Etsy. I just want to tell you, WATCH THIS SHOP. (No I'm not affiliated) Heather will be dyeing again in November and her stuff is just beautiful and this yarn feels so soft. Those socks are going on MY FEET.

October 06
These are the Poms in the house, the big vanilla colored one is Napoleon (Poley) and is so named because of his fluffy jodhpur style haunches and also his "I am the big boss of the house" disposition. The littler white Pom is Princey and has already modeled on here.

Oh btw, I have 14 rows to go on the orange Swan Lake. YES! I also have a package of alpaca sock yarn on the way and my eye on another lot on Ebay so there may be a package photo soon. I haven't dared take a pic of the last few because some are for christmas gifts and I'm never sure who reads the blog or not.

October 04
I just found this photo of me and my best friend (aside from the Chief who has grown to be my closest friend on earth). Ok she is my BGFF. She has a pair of the lovely Jojoland Quarttete socks which I absolutely HATE. She loves them and will be getting another pair for Christmas in a new colorway, but don't tell her. I don't think she reads me!

October 02
Dirty Little Secret
OK, I admit it: I hate blocking. Hate, hate HATE! Last night, with the help of the Chief and Number 5 (he loves to spray the water on) I got my Swan Lake Stole pinned out and soaked down. It's going to my stepmother for her birthday, so I had to get it done to get it into the mail. They were a huge help. The Chief helped me get the blocking wires (I use 1/8" copper welding wires because they are a lot less expensive) into the stole and even bent the one that curves the wing around. Number five sprayed the water on until his little hands were so tired.

Today it's a bit damp still, but mostly dry. I don't even know if I'll have time for totally finished photos before I get it into the mail, but we'll have to see. It's goreous with tiny glass beads that are blue like the stole, but sparkle a faintly aqua color that makes it really pretty.

Try to pretend you can't see the hideous carpet in the basement. It'll be gone soon anyway for Laminate floors.

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