Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seriously, does this outfit make my ass look fat?

Haha! Made ya look.

The beauty of pretty socks (and shoes for that matter) is that you never have to ask that dirty, dirty question. The one all men DREAD. Does this make my ass look fat? Cuz no, socks, as long as they fit and are comfy and warm can NEVER make your ass look fat!

And that is why you should all be knitting some socks right now.

This pattern is Embossed Leaves designed by Mona Schmidt from Interweave Press 25 Favorite Socks. It's my fave sock book (at least for right now), and they are knit from hand dyed superwash wool sock yarn that I bought from Gentle Sunset on Etsy. Last time I looked, she had not dyed more yarn for sale lately, but hey keep checking back. It's really beautiful in person. I was going to save these to be my February socks for the Sock a Month Knitalong I've joined, but I decided to give myself a goal of spinning the sock yarn for my February socks, so I couldn't use these.

Do you think they match my pajama pants? Oh yeah folks, those are my jammies. We're having another snow day here in lovely West Michigan!

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  1. Love the socks, and, NO, they don't make your feet look fat. As soon as I finish "several" other projects, Embossed Leaves is next on my list.

    I've been thinking about dyeing my own yarn for the Mystic Llight shawl, too.


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