Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yay Yay Yay

I've mentioned before that my sister's breast cancer has metastacized to her femur. I went with her last week to take her to surgery and help her after.

We got the news that she will not have to have chemo right now. However, she will have to have her ovaries out, because this cancer is apparently estrogen fed. The fact that she gets to omit chemo for now is a huge huge relief.

It's weird. A few weeks ago we were so happy that she was getting the stitches out from her reconstruction and now we're happy that she just doesn't have to do chemo. It's so weird how things change!

I've dyed two more batches of roving and will have photos tomorrow.

I've finished the Chiefs handspun socks.

I finished an Unoriginal hat made with my handspun as well so I've been very very busy! I promise. Photos tomorrow.

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  1. That sounds much easier, not to have to do the chemo. If she does later, if it helps any, I'm on chemo and find I tolerate it very well.


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