Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ice Queen? King? Prince?

But first, a report on that dinner I had planned for last night. Well I was making pasta. I thought it would be very smart of me to go ahead and make dough for Italian bread with the breadmaker. I mean that's what the little beast is there for, no?

Well so I put in flour, sugar, salt, butter, milk and water. Sounds good right? Anything missing?

Turns out that indeed something WAS missing. When I took the dough out, it had not risen at all. Alas, no yeast. Dumbass. I had brought the little packet over, set it next to the breadmaker, but it didnt jump in all by itself! Who knew huh?!

Hockey puck with your pasta? No? Well hey whatever.

I just finished Ice Queen. Since my mom isn't here to model it for me, pretend.

Hey he offered. Now that it's done I can start something new (yay). I haven't decided exactly what it will be, but I can't wait! The Chief and I are going to Columbus for a wedding (quite possibly drunk photos to follow) of his Uncle Joe and soon to be Aunt Becky. That means lots of knitting time in the car.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where I repent for old tirades. . .

I've been under pretty extreme (for me) amounts of stress lately. That's not an excuse for my temper being so short. I shouldn't have gotten so upset yesterday. My hope is that publicly admitting that I'm a jerk sometimes will stop me next time, but seriously. Yeah right.

It's snowing again, so tonight, The Chief and I will be having a snuggly dinner in the living room in front of a nice warm fire. I have promised not to knit, but I have photos of what's going on around here.

Shetland yarn. This was from the end of an earlier dyeing session I did with number 4. She is really showing some interest and seems to love the process. I'm trying to get her involved just as much as possible. I'm so proud of her gaining more and more confidence every time I see her. (She's my youngest stepchild and hey being a stepmom is new to me). I kind of hated the roving, but once spun and plied, it's really quite beautiful. Weird huh?

Here is my progress on Wings of a Dream. There are a total of 10 charts for this project and I am almost finished with number 6. I just need it finished for Mothers' Day so I should be fine. The more I work with it, the more I like this

My yarn for The Fisherman's Wife has arrived. I had to wait this long because my favorite laceweight yarn shop (on ebay) was on vacation. I've been checking every day, and ordered this the very day they returned. I guess the fish in my story is a goldfish. I'm seriously thinking of casting on with a size 2 needle. I'm hearing that this shawl is turning out to be quite large, but dude I cannot WAIT. This designer has hosted the KAL that turned out my favorite lace project EVER. I gotta at least finish Ice Queen before this one is started though.

Darn huh?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's doin

Welp, I'm in a truly foul mood, so as always, there may be cursing. Oddly enough, I do not curse in real life that much. I can't talk here about what has pissed me off. I should have kept "the BLOG" a secret. Now I can't bitch about people when they piss me off if they are potential blog readers. If I choose to talk to "he/she who shall not be named on the blog" that has pissed me off, I don't think they should find out that they've inflamed the beast (me) from reading this. I feel like IF they find out, it should be me who says something. Damn! The old passive aggressive thing is SO much easier!

Anyhoo, down to the important stuff (which as always is fibery)

Yarn the chief chose the colors for.

It's like harley orange, venom green, and a dark purple. I don't think you can see the purple int here. It's kind of on the inside of the skein.

Also there's been progress on Ice Queen. It is soooooooo beautiful. The little silver beads look for all the world like tiny ice chips in the beautiful, floaty, bluey, kidsilkiness of it all. It's like half done. Oh and the white yarn down at the bottom is waste yarn. It will be removed when I go back and do the beaded bind off.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Zycam rules!

I still don't feel all that bad, but I am really tired. I have photos of some of the roving we dyed on Friday night. Each bunch is 4 oz. This time I went exclusively with the Wilton paste dyes. If you are interested, has a very good article on them right now. I'm really still learning and I do think I should have cooked longer for some of them, but even when I don't get the result I was going for, they seem to turn out beautiful. I wish I could get perfectly true colors on a photo, but anyway you'll get the idea.

Number 4 picked the colors for this bunch. It's Shetland.

This one is a combination of reds and copper. It's Blue-faced Leicester. I love it!

I also picked the colors for this next one that is BFL as well. It's my favorite so far.

I haven't really knitted much because I'm consumed with spinning all this purdy new fiber! I also took a pic of The Chief doing the batch he picked colors for. It's almost all spun up, so I can't take a photo of the roving, but I'll have a yarn pick soon.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well, no sooner said . . .

Than I caught a cold. I don't feel that bad, but apparently I'm my mother now with a tissue shoved up my sleeve. How freakin awesome is that?

On saturday we went to a shearing at a local farm. They had lambs:

There was stash enhancement. The Chief bought me some roving.

And I finished spinning some previously dyed roving. I navaho plied it. I've already made a pair of socks out of it, but I love how this turned out.

Lovely Robin who left me a tip on getting roving to dry fast: Thank you so much! We dyed a bunch more roving as a fam on Friday night. I had a salad spinner I've never used before and it really helped. Thanks so much!

Friday, February 22, 2008

WTF Friday! Brought to you by a bewildered Bammers

Well, my little chickens, last night after Parent Teacher conferences (Number 5 is doing swimmingly. The only problem is that things seem to come to him so easily that he doesn't take his time and work as much as he really should), The Chief and I came home and snuggled up and he put a new show on the TV. Have you guys seen this?


Ok, first of all, I was raised around a lot of rednecks. I grew up in a really small town and I even dated some rednecks. I"m not knocking them and I would even say I have a few tendencies that could be called "redneck", but really, when did we decide to start putting this kinda stuff on TV for entertainment. Some of it is downright GAROSS. One lady lost her set of false teeth the day of her wedding and her (very helpful) mom said, "You want mine?"

Um what? Is this something we're doing now? Sharing TEETH??? Whatever next? Bridesmaids all in camo? (yes) Mud wrestling brides? (yep that too)

Look at my embryonic Ice Queen. (must have photos of yarn)

I'm using Rowan Kidsilk Haze in color Hurricane with foil-lined silver glass beads from here. It's for my mom, but don't worry. I bought yarn to make one for me too. Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Celebration Time!

I've sent number 5 to school, even if it is only a half day for conferences! He will be strutting down the halls today sporting a new pair of Koigu KPPPM socks. They are beautiful beautiful!

I never got my conference appointment note. Hmmm. I guess I have to email the teacher.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As promised!

I blocked Mystic Waters over the weekend. I know the pic is sideways, but really what's the difference?

The Tofutsies Synesthesia are finished. This is just one. (you're welcome for pointing out the obvious)

I'm almost finished spinning for Mystic Light. This is silk tussah roving that I dyed myself. This is just about 520 yards, but I do have the singles all spun for the rest. They are aging just a bit before I ply them up. Can't believe I did it!

Last of all (at least for now, my little chickens)

Number 4 picked the colors all by herself for this roving. They were several shades of purple, berry, aqua and a very pretty bright green. It turned out absolutely gorgeous and is all spun up. I set the twist two days ago so I'll be knitting her a pair of socks next.

See? Told ya I've been very knittingish while I sat around tending to sick folkses.

Oh and btw, I'm not sick, haven't gotten a thing yet. I washed my hands a lot and lysoled up after them. Knock on wood, dudes!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick update.

Ok so last week Monday, another snow day and the Chief was sick.

Well he went to the doc on Monday and found out he had a sinus infection. Antibiotics, sleep, tissues, actifed, tylenol. He was still home on Tuesday, when number five came home from school professing to feel unwell. Dude, he is never sick. Fever 101.6. Tylenol, bed, doctor Weds morning, virus, more naps (for him of course not mom), more tylenol layered with motrin at times to keep the fever reasonable, a few cough drops.
Grandpa comes to visit on Thursday. Cuz I really needed company and someone to tell me that I made it to 33 years old without being able to fry a fucking egg. (I managed, gee who knew I could do it?)
Fever back up Friday night for number five. The Chief seemed to be sort of back on his feet, but working extra hours and had to give up his birthday trip to Louisville to work on a project at his place of employment. I felt so bad for him. Oh yeah, Friday was his Birthday
Ex picked up number 5 for the weekend that evening. Number five seems a bit better (of course because I won't be there to cater.
Called number 5 to see how he felt on Saturday, he said not bad, but runny nose, no more fever - hey things are looking up.
Mom left for Chicago. Breast cancer sister is having another big surgery. Promise to make sure and take care of some important paperwork regarding mom's rental house while she is gone. She needs my help.
The Chief works all day Saturday, poor guy, but feeling a bit better.
Sunday he finished the new mantle and we eat and watch movies.
Monday, The Chief AND number 5 go to work and school. I watch scary movies while I work all day. Actually got to go to Knit Nite (haven't for weeks, because I'm feeling so low and worried and stressed, I never feel like going out at the end of the day, or in the middle or beginning for that matter)
Tuesday - Another snow day off from school, Number five wakes up with a stomachache, hangs out for an hour or so, then proceeds to stand up and vomit all over the family room carpet. I feel so bad for the poor guy. Bring him a foil pan (so i can throw it away) clean carpet, wash hands, call the Chief in tears (hiding so number five doesn't know I"m upset) come back and rub back while he throws up a few times.
Email ex who would be picking 5 up this evening. He ignores me of course(fucker). Neighbor kid calls to invite himself to our house to play. What the fuck is wrong with that mother that she doesnt'e xplain that you don't invite yourself to people's houses. You WAIT to be invited. Finally after just about three hours of throwing up, 5's tummy suddenly feels a little better and he immediately goes to sleep.

with foil pan on belly. (just in case)

Poor baby

Believe me I know there are a lot of people in worse places than me, so don't think that I don't realize that, but I am pretty tired is all.

Surprisingly, a shitload of knitting has been done. I'll post some pics tomorrow prolly.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pathetic yelp

It's the sixth snow day in five weeks and The Chief is home sick.

God help us all.

Friday, February 8, 2008

It's WTF Friday!!

Yesterday I was working my way through a box of children's books listing them for sale and I found this:

Mind you, some oddities turn up now and again in this business, but seriously. I'm no Child Development expert, but is this really coloring book material? I'm just not sure.

So when the Chief came home from work, I of course had to show him. He did a double take and said "wtf!" Then he asked if they had an actual pic of poor Joan burning at the stake. Well frankly I hadn't thought of that in particular, so I checked. In fact, there are no flames, but check this out.

You guys sometimes I find weird stuff, but I have to say this is right up there at the top of the weirdest.

I've been knitting and should have some photos this weekend, but I have a LOT of housecleaning to do today so off to do the Donna Reed thing!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random Thursday

1. I'm going to Cast on for Ice queen as soon as I finish blogging for today. Behold, I have even gathered the materials.

2. School is canceled again today. We got a shitload of slippery snow yesterday in the evening and overnight. I love snow days!

3. I am about to start the fourth chart for Wings of a Dream. There are 10 charts in all, so yay for progress!

4. I have a question to answer:
Nancy @ the Jerse shore left a comment asking about my favorite ebay store for laceweight. Well, Nancy, my favorite store is called Forestgreener. They sell laceweight in a cashmere wool blend that is very thin (sometimes I double it, sometimes not) and it's so lofty, there is just no weight to it. I love that stuff! Luckily the store will reopen at the end of February when the owner has finished traveling. However, you have intrigued me and I can't email you! Tell me about your fave store! Are they coming back? Did you try to email them on Ebay? That's how I found out it was just a vacation. I hope you come back and tell me about your fave.

5. I have started new socks. They are Synesthesia, and knitted out of Tofutsies. I've never used it before, and so far I'm loving it. I do agree with some opinions I've heard before about the tendency to split, but I'm just watching it a bit more than usual. I really like the sheen and texture.

6. The Chief is going to be 45 next week. So last night we were lying in bed and he complained that his forehead wrinkles when he raises his eyebrows


Well I hate to be the one to point this out, but if you raise your eyebrows, that skin in between your hairline and said eyebrows has to go somewhere. If it didn't, your hairline would slip halfway back onto the top of your head and the skin would puddle on the back of your neck. That would just be really freaky.

7. The day that I am the voice of reason in my marriage has come and I'm pretty sure it hails the apocalypse so tell your loved ones how you feel now just in case it's tonight.

8. I gotta go do some work now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yeah right Have you ever seen me go Wordless Before?

I mentioned this Monday. See we've had a dilemma in this house. The mantel had been removed when we bought it, so there were anchor thingies in the wall, but nothing else.

The Chief built this floating mantel over the weekend. See the only other place that our flatscreen would fit was on the opposite wall. That's why we finally put a big mirror over the fireplace. We could watch TV in the mirror. It was kinda weird though because it always looked like people were driving on the wrong side of the road, and as Ink pointed out from the Broken Barn, we couldn't watch foreign films. I can't read backwards fast enough for most subtitles.

Now we can enjoy the fireplace and a movie at the same time. We did a lot of that over the weekend! In fact I hope to be doing a lot more of it every weekend.

If you come over, bring snacks. I never grocery shop.

Beer too.

Wordless Wednesday

new handspun socks

Mom's "Wings of a Dream" stole. I'm almost done with the second Chart.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm tired already!

So, some of you know I work from home. I'm a bookseller on Amazon, Alibris and The last two are pretty new to me, but eerything is going along. I work really hard, plus I keep this house going, because I'm here. The Chief is always willing to pitch in, but since I'm here, it just makes sense that I toss in laundry whenever etc.

Why do people think that just because I work from home, I don't really work? It's weird. I know most people aren't motivated enough to do it themselves, but really. It's away more work than most folks realize. I know several people that have started and realize how much work it is (including my dad) then they give up. Heck I don't blame them! I just love books. I don't make a lot of money, but it's enough to pitch in to help take care of the fam. Most of the time I'm less stressed than I was when I was a Payroll Manager, so that's worth something right? If this sounds like bitching, I'm not even agitated, but I just think it's quite odd. I wonder if they think it's a cover for freeloading or something lol. I wouldn't call it working from home if I was freeloading. I have no qualms about freeloading, so I would just say it hehehe!

In other news, I'm on the second chart for Wings of a Dream. I'm making it in a sort of bright teal or aqua for my mom. It will be a Mothers' Day gift and she picked the yarn herself. It's lovely. Check back for a photo tomorrow. I'm about ready to go ahead and start Ice Queen as well. Prolly photos tomorrow. I'm just lazy today!

Monday, February 4, 2008

More o'the same

Remember this? Well that batch of roving has become this.

I like them better than my first handspun socks. Who knew!?

I also finished Mystic Waters yesterday and did the ole end weaving this morning. I have yet to block, but here is a preview!

We had an awesome weekend. John built a new mantel for the TV to sit on, and a big fire. I spent a lot of time working, but still we ate, relaxed, hung out with friends and eachother. Gotta love a weekend like that.

Try to have a passable Monday!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Done and Done!

So I'm participating in this really fun Blog where you knit at least one pair of socks every month and post them. SAM5. My January socks were OK, but I set a goal for myself of spinning the yarn for my February socks. I'm a very new spinner still, but I did it!

Mind you I bought white Suffolk Wool for $5/8 oz from someone clearing out her old roving. I dyed it myself (you can see the pile of dyed roving here) and I have finished spinning just about half of it.

Welp the socks are all knitted now too and I am totally in love with them! I know the striping doesn't match, but this was my first time. I have another batch of yarn for socks all spun, but next time I will try to make the striping match.

Anyhow, what do ya think? The pattern is waving lace by Evelyn Clark, and I'm keeping them.

The Chief took the photo and I said "try and make it look artistic." Now he IS artistic, but he was funny. He took a look at me and said, it's two socks and our couch. How artistic could I possibly make it?"

Man has a point.