Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where I repent for old tirades. . .

I've been under pretty extreme (for me) amounts of stress lately. That's not an excuse for my temper being so short. I shouldn't have gotten so upset yesterday. My hope is that publicly admitting that I'm a jerk sometimes will stop me next time, but seriously. Yeah right.

It's snowing again, so tonight, The Chief and I will be having a snuggly dinner in the living room in front of a nice warm fire. I have promised not to knit, but I have photos of what's going on around here.

Shetland yarn. This was from the end of an earlier dyeing session I did with number 4. She is really showing some interest and seems to love the process. I'm trying to get her involved just as much as possible. I'm so proud of her gaining more and more confidence every time I see her. (She's my youngest stepchild and hey being a stepmom is new to me). I kind of hated the roving, but once spun and plied, it's really quite beautiful. Weird huh?

Here is my progress on Wings of a Dream. There are a total of 10 charts for this project and I am almost finished with number 6. I just need it finished for Mothers' Day so I should be fine. The more I work with it, the more I like this

My yarn for The Fisherman's Wife has arrived. I had to wait this long because my favorite laceweight yarn shop (on ebay) was on vacation. I've been checking every day, and ordered this the very day they returned. I guess the fish in my story is a goldfish. I'm seriously thinking of casting on with a size 2 needle. I'm hearing that this shawl is turning out to be quite large, but dude I cannot WAIT. This designer has hosted the KAL that turned out my favorite lace project EVER. I gotta at least finish Ice Queen before this one is started though.

Darn huh?

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  1. Wow, Bammers, this looks great! The color for your Fisherman's Wife project is very interesting.. for me it looks very ornagish-red, were you trying to hit that Goldfish color? I too am in that group, but haven't decided yet what I'm going to use for the Shawl. I guess I better get busy and figure it out, or I won't be able to start with everyone in March.
    I look forward to see your progress on this project!
    Keep Smiling-


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