Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ice Queen? King? Prince?

But first, a report on that dinner I had planned for last night. Well I was making pasta. I thought it would be very smart of me to go ahead and make dough for Italian bread with the breadmaker. I mean that's what the little beast is there for, no?

Well so I put in flour, sugar, salt, butter, milk and water. Sounds good right? Anything missing?

Turns out that indeed something WAS missing. When I took the dough out, it had not risen at all. Alas, no yeast. Dumbass. I had brought the little packet over, set it next to the breadmaker, but it didnt jump in all by itself! Who knew huh?!

Hockey puck with your pasta? No? Well hey whatever.

I just finished Ice Queen. Since my mom isn't here to model it for me, pretend.

Hey he offered. Now that it's done I can start something new (yay). I haven't decided exactly what it will be, but I can't wait! The Chief and I are going to Columbus for a wedding (quite possibly drunk photos to follow) of his Uncle Joe and soon to be Aunt Becky. That means lots of knitting time in the car.

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