Monday, February 25, 2008

Zycam rules!

I still don't feel all that bad, but I am really tired. I have photos of some of the roving we dyed on Friday night. Each bunch is 4 oz. This time I went exclusively with the Wilton paste dyes. If you are interested, has a very good article on them right now. I'm really still learning and I do think I should have cooked longer for some of them, but even when I don't get the result I was going for, they seem to turn out beautiful. I wish I could get perfectly true colors on a photo, but anyway you'll get the idea.

Number 4 picked the colors for this bunch. It's Shetland.

This one is a combination of reds and copper. It's Blue-faced Leicester. I love it!

I also picked the colors for this next one that is BFL as well. It's my favorite so far.

I haven't really knitted much because I'm consumed with spinning all this purdy new fiber! I also took a pic of The Chief doing the batch he picked colors for. It's almost all spun up, so I can't take a photo of the roving, but I'll have a yarn pick soon.


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