Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's doin

Welp, I'm in a truly foul mood, so as always, there may be cursing. Oddly enough, I do not curse in real life that much. I can't talk here about what has pissed me off. I should have kept "the BLOG" a secret. Now I can't bitch about people when they piss me off if they are potential blog readers. If I choose to talk to "he/she who shall not be named on the blog" that has pissed me off, I don't think they should find out that they've inflamed the beast (me) from reading this. I feel like IF they find out, it should be me who says something. Damn! The old passive aggressive thing is SO much easier!

Anyhoo, down to the important stuff (which as always is fibery)

Yarn the chief chose the colors for.

It's like harley orange, venom green, and a dark purple. I don't think you can see the purple int here. It's kind of on the inside of the skein.

Also there's been progress on Ice Queen. It is soooooooo beautiful. The little silver beads look for all the world like tiny ice chips in the beautiful, floaty, bluey, kidsilkiness of it all. It's like half done. Oh and the white yarn down at the bottom is waste yarn. It will be removed when I go back and do the beaded bind off.

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  1. Truthfully, I've thought about starting a second blog using my "alter ego." :) Love the yarn and the Ice Queen is gorgeous. The roving in the previous post is awesome!!!!


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