Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As promised!

I blocked Mystic Waters over the weekend. I know the pic is sideways, but really what's the difference?

The Tofutsies Synesthesia are finished. This is just one. (you're welcome for pointing out the obvious)

I'm almost finished spinning for Mystic Light. This is silk tussah roving that I dyed myself. This is just about 520 yards, but I do have the singles all spun for the rest. They are aging just a bit before I ply them up. Can't believe I did it!

Last of all (at least for now, my little chickens)

Number 4 picked the colors all by herself for this roving. They were several shades of purple, berry, aqua and a very pretty bright green. It turned out absolutely gorgeous and is all spun up. I set the twist two days ago so I'll be knitting her a pair of socks next.

See? Told ya I've been very knittingish while I sat around tending to sick folkses.

Oh and btw, I'm not sick, haven't gotten a thing yet. I washed my hands a lot and lysoled up after them. Knock on wood, dudes!

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  1. Coming over from the Mystic Light group....

    Oh my! Your Mystic Water Shawl is beautiful...absolutely beautiful!


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