Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick update.

Ok so last week Monday, another snow day and the Chief was sick.

Well he went to the doc on Monday and found out he had a sinus infection. Antibiotics, sleep, tissues, actifed, tylenol. He was still home on Tuesday, when number five came home from school professing to feel unwell. Dude, he is never sick. Fever 101.6. Tylenol, bed, doctor Weds morning, virus, more naps (for him of course not mom), more tylenol layered with motrin at times to keep the fever reasonable, a few cough drops.
Grandpa comes to visit on Thursday. Cuz I really needed company and someone to tell me that I made it to 33 years old without being able to fry a fucking egg. (I managed, gee who knew I could do it?)
Fever back up Friday night for number five. The Chief seemed to be sort of back on his feet, but working extra hours and had to give up his birthday trip to Louisville to work on a project at his place of employment. I felt so bad for him. Oh yeah, Friday was his Birthday
Ex picked up number 5 for the weekend that evening. Number five seems a bit better (of course because I won't be there to cater.
Called number 5 to see how he felt on Saturday, he said not bad, but runny nose, no more fever - hey things are looking up.
Mom left for Chicago. Breast cancer sister is having another big surgery. Promise to make sure and take care of some important paperwork regarding mom's rental house while she is gone. She needs my help.
The Chief works all day Saturday, poor guy, but feeling a bit better.
Sunday he finished the new mantle and we eat and watch movies.
Monday, The Chief AND number 5 go to work and school. I watch scary movies while I work all day. Actually got to go to Knit Nite (haven't for weeks, because I'm feeling so low and worried and stressed, I never feel like going out at the end of the day, or in the middle or beginning for that matter)
Tuesday - Another snow day off from school, Number five wakes up with a stomachache, hangs out for an hour or so, then proceeds to stand up and vomit all over the family room carpet. I feel so bad for the poor guy. Bring him a foil pan (so i can throw it away) clean carpet, wash hands, call the Chief in tears (hiding so number five doesn't know I"m upset) come back and rub back while he throws up a few times.
Email ex who would be picking 5 up this evening. He ignores me of course(fucker). Neighbor kid calls to invite himself to our house to play. What the fuck is wrong with that mother that she doesnt'e xplain that you don't invite yourself to people's houses. You WAIT to be invited. Finally after just about three hours of throwing up, 5's tummy suddenly feels a little better and he immediately goes to sleep.

with foil pan on belly. (just in case)

Poor baby

Believe me I know there are a lot of people in worse places than me, so don't think that I don't realize that, but I am pretty tired is all.

Surprisingly, a shitload of knitting has been done. I'll post some pics tomorrow prolly.

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  1. Maybe they have parvo. It's not just a puppy disease, you know! (My gf's husband got it and it took 2 specialists to figure it out. If that was my man, he'd have never heard the end of my jokes, beginning with "puppyfucker".)


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