Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random Thursday

1. I'm going to Cast on for Ice queen as soon as I finish blogging for today. Behold, I have even gathered the materials.

2. School is canceled again today. We got a shitload of slippery snow yesterday in the evening and overnight. I love snow days!

3. I am about to start the fourth chart for Wings of a Dream. There are 10 charts in all, so yay for progress!

4. I have a question to answer:
Nancy @ the Jerse shore left a comment asking about my favorite ebay store for laceweight. Well, Nancy, my favorite store is called Forestgreener. They sell laceweight in a cashmere wool blend that is very thin (sometimes I double it, sometimes not) and it's so lofty, there is just no weight to it. I love that stuff! Luckily the store will reopen at the end of February when the owner has finished traveling. However, you have intrigued me and I can't email you! Tell me about your fave store! Are they coming back? Did you try to email them on Ebay? That's how I found out it was just a vacation. I hope you come back and tell me about your fave.

5. I have started new socks. They are Synesthesia, and knitted out of Tofutsies. I've never used it before, and so far I'm loving it. I do agree with some opinions I've heard before about the tendency to split, but I'm just watching it a bit more than usual. I really like the sheen and texture.

6. The Chief is going to be 45 next week. So last night we were lying in bed and he complained that his forehead wrinkles when he raises his eyebrows


Well I hate to be the one to point this out, but if you raise your eyebrows, that skin in between your hairline and said eyebrows has to go somewhere. If it didn't, your hairline would slip halfway back onto the top of your head and the skin would puddle on the back of your neck. That would just be really freaky.

7. The day that I am the voice of reason in my marriage has come and I'm pretty sure it hails the apocalypse so tell your loved ones how you feel now just in case it's tonight.

8. I gotta go do some work now.

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