Monday, February 11, 2008

Pathetic yelp

It's the sixth snow day in five weeks and The Chief is home sick.

God help us all.


  1. Your misfortunes are, well, HHAHAHAHA! You prolly need to get in your car with the garden hose, ice down the exterior thru a wee crack in the window, then roll the window FAST. Of course, bundle up first, and bring some knitting needles a good book and a space heater that's compatible with your cig lighter. They will not be able to get atchu then!

    PS: the word verification for this comment started with "itsny"- coincidence? i trow not!

  2. PS: Today I had to go to a wake, found out the puppy I want may be dying from parvo, and my great nephew (3 yrs old) has to see a pediatric cardiologist cuz he may have a "valve problem". I trump your shitty day and raise you 8 somethings! (Just so you know I had a reason for that first comment (low EQ).

  3. You must be knitting more than you are blabbering these days. BLAB! I miss the blabbering!


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