Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm tired already!

So, some of you know I work from home. I'm a bookseller on Amazon, Alibris and Half.com. The last two are pretty new to me, but eerything is going along. I work really hard, plus I keep this house going, because I'm here. The Chief is always willing to pitch in, but since I'm here, it just makes sense that I toss in laundry whenever etc.

Why do people think that just because I work from home, I don't really work? It's weird. I know most people aren't motivated enough to do it themselves, but really. It's away more work than most folks realize. I know several people that have started and realize how much work it is (including my dad) then they give up. Heck I don't blame them! I just love books. I don't make a lot of money, but it's enough to pitch in to help take care of the fam. Most of the time I'm less stressed than I was when I was a Payroll Manager, so that's worth something right? If this sounds like bitching, I'm not even agitated, but I just think it's quite odd. I wonder if they think it's a cover for freeloading or something lol. I wouldn't call it working from home if I was freeloading. I have no qualms about freeloading, so I would just say it hehehe!

In other news, I'm on the second chart for Wings of a Dream. I'm making it in a sort of bright teal or aqua for my mom. It will be a Mothers' Day gift and she picked the yarn herself. It's lovely. Check back for a photo tomorrow. I'm about ready to go ahead and start Ice Queen as well. Prolly photos tomorrow. I'm just lazy today!

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