Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Unrelated Information

Hey I have spinning to show. Guess what color it is!!??

wow, the two people who read this blog are good guessers. It's gray. I have finished spinning a second bobbin of singles and will hopefully ply them today.

I also have the Tiny Toes sock going. I'm doing my first afterthought heel. Almost to the point of putting in the row of waste yarn.

Also, this is seriously something a lot of knitter will probably want to know. At the beginning of this year, my mom let me borrow something for reading in bed while visiting my sister. It's so you can just shut it off and go right to sleep instead of getting up to turn out the light when you're done. I bought myself a pair of them and normally I carry one in my sock bag. She noticed it was not in my sock bag necessities photo. Well I let the kids borrow mine in the car and DIDN'T GET THEM BACK!!!

I found them this morning, and I know what Santa will be leaving in some stockings this Christmas. If you like to knit in the car, get one. You will love it.

It's an LED ear light. It is on a little swivel so you can point it right at your knitting and you won't bother the driver with the light if you're in the car. I let the kids use them to read in the car. Hey, anything to keep them from asking how much longer :S.

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