Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiss me!

I'm Irish! And a Patricia, so I figure it's practically MY DAY! Number 5 was festive today. He's also wearing milk on his chin from breakfast! (No charge for that extra entertainment) I didn't notice until he was already gone, so I couldn't take a new one. Oh well, such is the life of a nine year old.

I can't take pics of some of my latest FOs, but once someone opens her Birthday present, I can show them. I wonder who that could be hmmmm.

soooooooo, in lieu of those photos, I started a sock on Saturday during a dance competition for number 4. She is in the Hip Hop and Tap competitive troupes this year. Both numbers got Platinum, and I was happy to see that the girls in her dance academy did not look like tiny hookers. Lots of those places dress them up like tiny vegas showgirls and I find it very disconcerting and in certain cases, downright upsetting.

Anyhoo, I decided to take a photo of exactly what I carry in my sock bag (and my sock bag).

The sock bag is one I got at a flea market for $1 during a camping trip with The Chief awhile back. The sock is Interlacements tiny toes (can't find the label for the colorway) and it is soooooooooo lovely to knit with. I also have sticky notes, in case I need to keep count of something with hashmarks, a cable needle, a stitch holder, a big old needle for weaving in ends, an eraser (that's actually for keeping my needle from going through the lining fabric), a little bitty scissors, and a pink retractable fine point sharpie. This is the stuff that never leaves the bag. I'm always curious what other knitters find indespensable.

Still spinning the gray polypay and working on a poem for the tiny toes. By the time the socks are done, I oughta have it ready for you :)

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  1. I keep just about the same things in my knitting or sock bag. I keep my pattern, scissors, pen, sticky notes, tape measure, and my needle gauge in my bag. The needle gauge stays in the sock bag. If I allowed it to migrate, I would lose it. Again.


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