Thursday, March 13, 2008

He Who has Mad Computer Skillz

I may be the poet in the family, but The Chief is the brains of the operation. My computer has been driving me INFRICKINGSANE for about two months. There was some crappy device driver error crashing windows, until finally, the little POS dumped altogether. Now being me, I had all these ideas of what was wrong.

The Chief somehow (like magic man, I'm not kiddin) persuaded my recovery disks to work. (he said words like reformat, disk, drive, stuff like that). He did some diddly magicky stuff to my hard drive and VOILA.

Sucker works now.

Gaze upon his braininess (pretend he's not eating)

I think hé's the smartest and wonderfulest in the world.
I'm spinning 8 ounces of gray polypay. It's kind of weird. The staple is really short, but its so crimpy that it just grabs more fiber without a problem. I'm gonna navaho ply it, so I'm spinning a very thin single. I'm almost done with the first bobbin. Let me summarize: I am staring at thin gray yarn for like a long long time.

To reward myself when it's done, I've picked out something really fun to spin. It's Suffolk.

It's making me spend more time on the gray than i would if I didn't have something really fun to spin after. I know what you're thinking, and yes, Tony Robbins could take a lesson from me in motivation. I know what motivates the psychotic spinner mind like nobody else, baby.

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