Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ooooo oooooo

The first clue of Mystic Light came out today. it is going to be GORGEOUS. I have a goal of finishing the first clue today and I will post a photo tomorrow.

I have no really exciting photos of new knitting, but I do have a secret. I'm bi

Bi-Crafty that is! I can knit and crochet. In fact I crocheted a tablecloth for my mom once. When I had finished, I figured out that it had more than three miles of crochet cotton in it. Ah memories.

Anywho, number five mentioned that he really wanted slippers. Personally I don't think they are too gorgeous, but he really loves them. The soles are some handspun I had left from a pair of socks (doubled) and the tops are Paton's tweedy wool (also doubled). They are supposed to look like moccasins.

Maybe my crochet is just rusty??!! I hope that's all it is. Oh and I hadn't woven the ends in at photo time.

Monday night I went to Knit Nite and mostly worked on spinning the gray polypay. I also have one row left on the penultimate chart for Wings of a Dream so I'm making progress, but it would just be pictures of the same stuff over and over :S. come back tomorrow for something new woo hoo!

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