Friday, March 7, 2008

Prepare to crap

Ok, so I mentioned that I was going to spin up that BFL. Before I did, I divided it in half the long way. Here's my rationale: I figure, divide in half the long way, spin up two plies, starting with opposite ends, then ply together. That way, you should have something that repeats in corresponding stripes starting at each end and going towards the middle.

One little problem: when you are spinning 300-400 yds of singles, you are bound to have some variation that will cause it to not match up when you get to the other end. Like maybe one will be 10 or more yards longer, that's not a big variation in the scheme of 300+ yds right? That would throw off my striping scheme completely, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

No shit, people, this is the true, if I'm lyin, I'm dyin end of the two singles when plied together.

That is a difference of less than three fricking inches. Over the course of 300+ yards, that is just a miracle. It'll never happen again, but I sure am enjoying it since it happened this time.

Here's a pic of the finished skein, and one of the spinning as it began. This stuff was really beautiful to spin.

I scored today bigtime too. I bought 25 pounds of Shetland roving off a lady in a nearby town for $100. I'll post some photos of the stash enhancement later.

yay me!


  1. Can you say SCORE????? How awesome.

  2. I did crap but fortunately I was prepared. :-)


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