Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thanks Easser Bunny (Bawk Bawk)

I guess maybe I'm the only one that remembers that Old Cadbury Egg commercial.

Speaking of Easter bunnies. Look at what the EB (my mom) brought the Chief. It was tucked into the bottom of his basket.

His idea of the new flavored water craze is to pour some bourbon over a couple ice cubes. Thanks Easser Bunny! (I got some very pretty color changing garnet earrings which I'll picture sometime soon)

Now brace yourselves. I watched Oprah this week for two days and she had a special on hoarding. This lady had a house completely full to the brim with stuff. I started to worry about my stash, so I'm selling a portion of it. This is probably somewhere between 25% and 35% of my stash. It's not my favorite thing to sell stash, but really how much can one person knit?

I am also selling a big pile of books.

I've also got a knitting photo. I am STILL working on the Tiny Toes socks. I have frogged twice. Normally I am not a big frogger, I notice problems fairly early (typically) or I fix stuff "on the fly" or whatever, but everything I've tried so far on these socks has just been so very wrong. First I started knitting embossed leaves out of this yarn. Big mistake. You kind of lost some of the beauty of the leaf pattern and some of the beauty of the yarn too so basically I managed to take a gorgeous pattern and an equally gorgeous yarn and rob BOTH of some of their beauty. You can't buy that kind of screw up talent, folks.

Next I had read about the afterthought heel on the Harlot's blog, and some of the lady's in my knitting group were talking about them. I was intrigued, but when I read it on the Harlot, I really didn't understand. So I started asking these ladies some questions and decided to try it myself. I started a toe up sock with a Turkish CO but I didn't knit NEARLY far enough before I put in the waste yarn for the heel. I went all the way to picking up the stitches and then realized, um, this sock was way fricking too small. Hello Frogging My Old Frienddddddddddddd.

This time it's right, and I am working on the ribbing. I have never had a sock take me this long before. Good thing they're going to be very very purty.

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