Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lost sleep

I went to Knit Nite last night (laughed a lot and had a great time) and finished my Mystic Light swatch. It is done with my own handspun silk yarn on size 7 needles. I will be going up one needle size as my swatch was just a little bit small both ways. I probably could have blocked it to the larger size, but I think I might like one size larger needle anyway. I am very happy with the way the yarn is knitting up and had originally intended to overdye it once it's complete, but now I think I might like it as is. We'll see!

So last night, I didn't sleep that much, but not because I had caffeine at Knit night. See, I love horror movies and books. I do get scared, but I love them. Both of my parents have said, "I don't know how you can watch all this scary stuff!" Heck, I don't know either. Anyway last night I was lying in bed and not able to sleep largely because my sinuses are a bit crazy with the thaw we're having (yes I said THAW again! Woo!) So I decided that I'd get out of bed and read on the couch so as not to keep my better half awake. Plus, reading usually puts me out fairly quickly. Right now I'm reading Lost Boy, Lost Girl by Peter Straub. This is the fourth book of his I have read. Now up to this point, I would think I could read ten or twenty pages and go right to sleep but this MOFO is getting S C A R Y!!!! I was sitting on the couch in my own living room contemplating the need to check on number 5 and with my heart pounding (if only slightly) and I had spaghetti arms. (apparently spaghetti arms is a term only I use and means that I get weak arms when scared, grossed out, or laughing hard) Clearly I give this book two thumbs wayyyyyyyy up, but it is not conducive to sleep. I finally got back in bed with the Chief at about 1:15 (freezing my buns off) and finally fell asleep around 1:30. The point is, if you LIKE scary, get it. It's great!

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  1. well first and foremost, that yarn is gorgeous. I wish I could spin like that!!!!!! And your swatch it beautiful. Your shawl is going to be so pretty.


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