Monday, January 4, 2010

Soooooo it's 2010

I'm not going to do the retrospective thing. I don't really want to review last year!


This year I plan to make myself a monthly goal/challenge/resolution. January will be to sew something from my fabric stash. I can sew, but anything beyond beginner is beyond me. I thought maybe I would try to challenge myself a little bit.

Oh and remember that Romney I washed, carded, dyed and blended?
Not much of a sweater huh?

I got about 1600 yds out of it a three ply worsted. That should be plenty for a sweater for my hubs. I spun American supported longdraw from carded batts. I'll show the yarn sometime soon.

Everybody is back to work and school and I am off and running now. Hopefully I'll bbs!


  1. LOVE. THAT. YARN. I like the idea of setting monthly goals. My goal for January might be to actually get my spinning wheel out and apologize profusely for neglecting it for so long.

  2. Love the yarn!

    Great idea for the goals.

  3. I love that blue. It will make a great sweater. 3 ply makes a nice yarn.


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