Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So, Here's the Thing

I got a Cricut Expression for Christmas. And, being me, I want to be able to cut things that I design myself. I don't want to buy the stupid cartridges with designs that somebody else did. Plus, they cost a fortune right? Soooooo, there is this software program called Sure Cuts A Lot where you can cut anything that's an SVG file.

I'm not even going to go into what an SVG file is.

Anywho, there is a free download that allows you to create just about anything you want in SVG format, so i downloaded it and I've been learning to use it. Which reminds me, how the hell did we learn to do stuff before Youtube?

but, I digress.

So I made that button over there > and I'm spending like 20 minutes a day learning to go on from there. Hey I'm beginner! (but I did finish up a possible logo option for something else that could be announced here in the next month or so).

I had to rip back the sleeve for my B-Side. Cookie's brilliant suggestion for this whole "trying it on" thing told me that my arms are too fat for it, so I'll be adding back those two stitches.


I've been carding on that Border Leicester Fleece, but it's on it's first pass through the carder and still looks kinda like shit. Not to worry, it's been my experience that subsequent passes will fix the shitness.

I spent my KP gift card that I got for Christmas.


Three sweaters worth of yarn. How fun is that?

And last, much like half the blogs I've been reading, it's cold here.

but tonight, we are staying home with a fire and a movie and bowls of chili.


  1. That all sounds lovely, though I have to go google Cricut expressions. Back - cool! That fiber looks like cotton candy...

  2. I love my Cricut too.... but I use the cartridges with it. and as far as the KP yarn.. you lucky stiff!

  3. I don't know what a cricut is. Is it to do with card making? My fiend Linda does that.

  4. SO cute!

    Keep blending and it will be fabulous!

    I'm so sorry about the sleeve, but at least, you know now, right?


  5. Always better to find out before weaving in ends that sleeves won't work for you. And 3 sweaters worth of yarn as a reward! W00t! I'm sure the fiber will be amazing with a few more passes through the carder, right?

  6. Cute blog button. My inner scrapbooker is very jelous of your cricut machine, sounds like a fun tool to have.

  7. OOh button. OOOOH 3 sweaters worth of yarn! OOOh secret! :D

    And your arms aren't fat, the Bside sweater arms were skinny. ;)


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