Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Didn't Resolve . . .

to post more here in 2010, and yet, I have. Weird.

This morning, I finally finished blending the Border Leicester lamb that was dyed a month or so ago. I love it. It's 2 parts very blue, one part tealy blue and one part barbie pink. The thing I ended up liking about it is that the pink and green seem to knock the edge off the flat blue and tone it just slightly less vibrant which is good. I love me some color with depth. I'm planning on spinning it longdraw because really it is just so much faster!


I have a gift I need to spin up first anyway.

And also, I'm going to achieve my January goal today!


(notice the fluff was still in my hand and is now framing the picture. Love that!)

Come back and see what I sewed!


  1. Love it! You are so good at this blending stuff.

    Wanna see sewing!

  2. Ooh I thought it was ghostly fiber mist haunting you to be spun...


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