Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's the Same Old Story

You have these two friendly acquaintances, or maybe casual friends, and they have some kind of falling out. Let's call them L and U. So L starts saying horrible things to the entire world about U. U keeps mum and some of the people you all like are listening to the bad things that L is spewing (some of which you are 90% sure are not true.

When you really think about it, wouldn't it be better to stick with U? U is being respectful and not saying bad things even though you're pretty sure she's being backstabbed to death. Isn't it a safe bet that if L thinks you've done something wrong, she'll stab the shit out of you too? Why don't people see that? It's weird, man!

In other news, on my spinning goal, in short: I ROCK!

I have my first fleece completely picked and roughcarded. The second carding is only two batts in, but it's started. The problem really is that it's going to take four passes to blend thoroughly (poop). The good news is that it is HEAVENLY. I've processed a number of Jacob lamb fleeces before, but this one is like buttah. I will definitely be contacting this Shepherd for a sister of this lamb's fleece next year. (I'm up to my armpits in fleece, :P) I've also just finished the third bobbin of the fleece that is in the goal for spinning.

Picked jacob

Shetland lamb fleece being spun

OH my, Lola needs a dusting doesn't she?

I've tarted knitting a blueberry waffle sock with Wildfoote. The yarn is really so colorful that I didn't want to try a "real" pattern with it. I tried to knit the Naive Socks with this yarn and the pattern just got totally lost. Later for the Naives.

I got one more thing. I have opinions. I don't think that comes as a surprise to any readers of this little thing I call my blog. (i blame my parents who had the audacity to encourage their X chromosomed children to express themselves. I mean really wth) So, if people have different ideas than me, I am cool with that. I don't feel like the world has to agree with me. Why is it so many people on Ravelry freak out if you just express an opinion that doesn't match up with theirs. Have we really wussified this country so much that we have to have everybody agreeing with us to keep our self-esteem out of the toilet?

If you don't agree with my opinions, I'm not sorry. In fact, that's great. You have every right to your opinion, and I am happy to listen. (but please for the love of all that's holy, have some type of back-up or reason. It makes it so much more interesting to listen to) Buck up, little soldiers! I'm sure I'll say something offensive any minute!


  1. You've "tarted" knitting? Which color Wildfoote?

    I'd say L is bad news and I'd probably want to walk a wide circle around her.

    The Jacob looks like a lot of fun. Did you wash first or are you going au naturel?

  2. I am wary of people who badmouth others because you bet your life they are badmouthing you too! I don't trust them one inch.

  3. A lot of those Ravelry people just want to have their egos stroked. They want to be told they are right and fabulous and should eat something because they're looking a bit too thin. They don't care about the truth or anything silly like.

    That L sounds like a charmer. o.0

    You, of course, RAWK! Even before you start with the spinning.


  4. Agree (1,ooo,ooo,ooo) about rav and L.

    ZOMG! You want an icelandic to take care of?

  5. I think Cookie hit the nail on the head.
    I want to see the tart sock!

  6. Don't worry I luv ya JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

  7. Love the comments, and totally agree with them all! If they talk about you to others you can bet your boots they're talking about you to them as well. Want to see the tart socks too! Love the blog, fanks!


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