Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cuz I'm Scintillating Company


But, isn't he a cute boy though?

So yesterday I sampled from the fleece I dyed on Tuesday. It's nice and it spins up like buttah! The Barbie pink just adds a little bit of purpley depth, so that works well. I figured it would work out, but life is just an experiment for me really (which some would say is part of my charm, and some find very annoying) :S.


You can't really see the colors well in the photo, but there will be plenty more where this came from once I get this fleece all carded up. Probably TOO many.

Oh! And hey! Guess who has two more fleeces to wash! Yeah, it's me.

This is up next. It came on Christmas day but I've been way too busy to fool with it. The shepherdess sent me some washed locks from this ewe and they are loverly. I really am looking forward to getting her washed up and dyed.


Last, I have a bit of a situation with B-Side. KP sent me one ball of a different dye lot, which normally is not a problem because I typically order one extra and I almost never have to use it. I can't tell by just holding the balls (yes, I was holding balls today) if there is a color difference, but we've all been there. What if I start knitting and there is one? You know it's happened to you. Knitterly denial is the only kind I've found more powerful than the family denial I use to cope.

So ok, here's what I'm thinkin': B-Side has a shawl collar, and right now i am just about 20-24 rows from the shoulder on the back. Do I dare use the wrong dye lot ball for that since the shawl collar will pretty much cover it? I probably don't even NEED this ball to finish the sweater. Or, does it make sense to use it for the ribbing on the sleeves because there's going to be a change when it goes to stockinette and your eye will fool you into thinking that's all you see? (because it will). Or should i just stick the poor singleton in my stash to be knitted up into a scarf later along with a ball or two of plain black? Any advice for me?


  1. When I made my B-Side, I ran out of yarn and had to order some more through my no-longer-local yarn shop where I had gotten the original. They sent me a different dye lot (and a different weight!) of yarn, so I just used it for the collar/button bands. It's slightly different but you would never be able to tell if you didn't know. Maybe that's the way to go for you?

  2. Listen to the Clumsy Knitter. She's a wise girlie.

    I love the fluff and am jealous of your wealth of fleeces. (Not that I'm ready for a fleece, but still.)


  3. Yeah, save it for the end if you need it.

  4. IMO, save it for the sleeve ribbing.

    That spun yarn has the pink blended in it???

  5. I've used a different dye lot for ribbing and button bands and you'd never know it... patternwhisperer


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