Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Goal: Check!

So I am not really a hoarder exactly, but I hate throwing away certain things. I have a stash of jeans that have holes or were grown out of in my fabric stash. I grabbed a pair of my husband's old jeans (Yes, Carrie, Hot husband had his ass in these) and made myself a new sock bag. I loved my old bag because it was the perfect size, but I bought it for a dollar at a flea market and it was getting frayed, and the lining was really getting shredded.

Meet my new bag!


I lined it with a purple bandana from my underwear drawer and folded the bandana over the top. Then last night we were looking at it and throwing out some ideas and I decided to use the leftover bandana to cut a skull to iron on. I looked online for the perfect free skull graphic and couldn't find one, so I designed one in Inkscape and used it to create a Cricut image. A little iron on fusible web and a lot of practice cuts so that I could make sure I had the placement right on the fabric. I only had one corner left and I wanted it to be pretty much centered.

Anyhoo, yay, it's a win for me! (I might add a little bow on the skulls head with rhinestones, but I haven't decided yet.)

Also, I forgot that I was supposed to show some photos of the stuff I was spinning last week. It's about 800 yards of thick singles. It's a mystery fiber that got to me on quite a weird trip; It appears to be mohair and wool. I'm thinking it might make a nice purse, but how knows!?


It is slightly darker than the photo turns up on my monitor. The wool was a dark blue, and the mohair was a nice venomy green.



  1. Dude, the bandana from your underwear drawer is now sewn inside the jeans from Hot Husband's Ass? There are so many innuendos to be made there, my brain just went splodey.
    Love the little skull - the way the swirls go it makes it look a little Dia de los Muertos.

  2. Have to second Carrie's comment. :-) Love the bag! Nice job Trish.

  3. Trish! You are so good! That is the cutest bag and you did a great job with the skull!

    Lovely yarn, too.


  4. Cute bag! You are so creative.

  5. I'll be in the naughty corner with Carrie. I love the bag. Nice job! But it totally needs some bedazzling.

    Now, get to picking a shearling fleece, woman! ;^)


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