Friday, January 22, 2010

Annie Was Right

She mentioned that the bag really needed bedazzling. The reason it's funny is because: A) I already had three big rhinestones on the back pocket, you know, just for fun. and 2) I had already bedazzled a bow on Conchita's creepy, purple head.


That's right, my bedazzling skills are 100% unrivaled!

Also, I have a goal regarding raw fleece. The people who need to know what it is, already know. I have the first fleece half picked. It's a yearling, Jacob fleece (Laila) plus a couple of handfuls of the first Jacob fleece I bought last year. That's right, HALF DONE picking.


**not part of the goal**
Last year I got some Cormo and I've been having a tough time gettint it really, really clean. There is like mud on the tips and I have done everything I know of. If I remove the tips (1/4 inch) it's super awesome. I took a few ounces and soaked it for TWO weeks and then scoured it in a teeny lingerie bag. And everybody says you can't card Cormo. I say, Bullshit!


No neps and dude, it is so soft, it's almost like you aren't touching anything. That's carded IN MY DRUM CARDER, but at like .01% normal speed. It's ridiculous how much trouble I'll go to to process an awesome fleece.

Also, have you ever been digging in your stash and something turned up that made you say, "WTF??!!"? Happened to me . . . this morning . . . a couple of times.


  1. That fluff is very fluffy. I likes.

  2. Hehehe! So, probably opening a can of worms, but why can't you (supposedly)card cormo? It's fiber, right?

  3. Very pretty. Can you just cut the tips off and be good to go?

  4. Fluffy goodness AND bedazzled?! Awesome!

  5. You are the new Queen of the Bedazzler in my world. :) And also the Queen of Fleece processing! Wow! That cormo looks awesome.

    I think I've officially given up on doing it myself now though. Not enough hours in the day and the stuff I just got back was so nice. Maybe you should go into the business! ;)


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