Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Job is Over!

Well the holiday came off wonderfully here, although we really aren't finished celebrating. I used to stress out hugely trying to have the Christmas of the lovechild of Norman Rockwell and Martha Stewart, but I have since learned that everyone is just as happy without my stress. What an epiphany!

Now we try to make sure there is tons of food including treats, that everybody gets a happy surprise to unwrap and that we get to be together as much as possible. My Christmases are so much better with a husband who pitches in to get ready. I took a pre-Christmas brunch photo of the food. That weird thing in the back is this thing that the Dutch of the area make and it's sort of a holiday tradition. Personally, I think it is horrid. It's a sort of sweet, crusty pastry filled with almond paste (yack) and then coated with frosting. It doesn't have to have the frosting, but honestly. Frosting, hello?!? Everything is better with it.


Now, I'm tired!

Oh yeah, and I finished the knitting on Mom's sweater, so all it needs is buttons which is FANTABULOUS!!! After this, I just know that I can conquer any knitting project in the whole world. So, Mom, Thanks for picking such a challenging sweater for me! :|


Hey and it's nearly time to say goodbye to 2009. Who's ready to slam the door and open one on a fresh, new year?


  1. Totally. Well, you know how I feel about this year.

  2. I tried to slam the door LAST week, but NOOOOOO... everyone had to try and open it! Is that a kringle?

    BTW: what is the casserole looking thing that was your main dish? It looks GREAT and YUMMY!

  3. The sweater is marvelous. You're right - if you can knit that, you can knit anything. Great job!

  4. Some of us LOVE almond paste. I'm just sayin'...

    Great sweater! and I'm so glad that you let yourself relax during the holidays. So not worth all the crazy-making.

    I am more than ready to close out this year and move on.


  5. Yeah, I'm with Cookie on the almond paste - that weird thing sounds good to me. So impressed that you're all tidied up already, but with your man's birthday it makes sense. Thank you for commenting on my post at IACW & Happy New Year!

  6. That was my Ex-husband, but I never did get out of the habit!


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