Thursday, December 3, 2009


Even though things are hectic this time of year, we're having a blast.

I finished my Darling Hubs' sweater. It fits him just wonderfully and it is his THIRD sweater this year. What a lucky man. Here he is, in his famous 1978 JCPenney catalog pose, just for you all.


Personally, I think he's the greatest, but nobody gets him like I do.

We had a very nice holiday and did all our Christmas decorating and even some of the baking already. I love the holidays. My mom helped The Chief put up the tree while I was making dinner.


Ignore the devil eyes. I've always had my suspicions, but enough said on that score.

The kids helped get the decorations on and i did the rest of the house decorating the next day (after they all went back to wherever it is they go for the day). The house looks fabulous, and it's even snowing right now yay!

Moving on . .

The other night I happened to glance out the window and see this really pretty sky from the family room so I ran out and snapped a quick photo.


Yeah just a random thing to share.

I have spinning and a wee bread mishap to show you soon too. Thanks for stopping, and sorry it took so long!


  1. Sweater LOVE!

    Yeah, mothers. They're all like that.

    /darts out quickly

  2. Yup, totally a handsome dude. Oh yeah, and nice sweater. ;-)
    And also, what Cookie said. (We get to use that to our advantage later - we know we're supposed to be evil so we can really work it.)

  3. Wowwee that is a fabulous sweater! Great job!

  4. Fabulous sweater and the third this year???!!!! Don't tell Dan!

    Really cool night photo.

  5. Great sweater it looks good on him.

  6. Now that I really like, Great colour and I love textured work.

  7. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweater!!!! Gotta check out your rav page about it!

    (dang cute hubby alert again!)


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