Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So, A Dilemma!

Awhile back, in summer I guess, I bought a really nice Romney fleece on Ebay. The fleece was gray, but all shades from a silver to a dark charcoal. It's really pretty fabulous. This lady had a super awesome crimp and a nice long lock. I bet she had all the rams bothering her.

Anywho, I washed the fleece as soon as it got here. Then I put it in fleece storage. (it's nice there - lots of friends and whatnot) So I pulled it out to process last week. I picked about two thirds of it and carded a bunch of the natural fleece. The batts spin up beautifully with a longdraw. So now comes the dilemma.

I've been reading the Ashford book of carding. It's fabu. It made me want to try all different stuff with all different junk floating around in my stash. In fact I pulled out a dyed four oz. batch of Suffolk to spin up some sock yarn, but I didn't love the dye arrangement (mine) so I thought I'd divide it up, card it all together and make more of a tweedy thing. Pictures of that tangent later (which incidentally, I love). So I was spinning up a sample of this romney and I thought, gray and blue would look fantastic blended up together, and hey maybe I should dye the last third of that fleece and blend it.

On Sunday, I dyed up that batch of unpicked locks. It turned out all shades of blue, from nearly black to a nice cobalty color in the silver. (There is quite a bit less silver than charcoal) The dyed fleece is just gorgeous. I carded up a straight batt, split it, blended about half of it with gray and then compared.

People I don't know what to do!! Once it's blended, I can't unblend it, and it is BEAUTIFUL. So damnit!


I can't decide what to do!

Oh and I knitted a swatch with the dark blue and the blended blue and gray. Still didn't help me decide. So, you know, not any help.

Anyway, I also have some finished projects to show and maybe a WIP, but later for that!


  1. I can't tell the difference on my monitor, but for me, it's all blue, all the damn time.

  2. Send it to me. I'll figure something out with it. ;^)

    Trish, it's beautiful. You never fail to amaze me.


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