Tuesday, December 22, 2009


And I don't feel too bad about that. This year it hasn't been very stressful though so yay!

In fact yesterday, I was frosting The Santas (my sister and mom will know what that means) and my husband colored the blue and red, and packed up the old disposable pastry bags to help! Fabulous!
I absolutely had to get them done yesterday because that cream cheese frosting needs to set up a little before you can MAIL YOUR SISTER 8 COOKIES!!! (which I did today)

(see that's going to make her pee)

Last weekend we had so much fun. I know I'm always gross about him and it's probably annoying and eyerollworthy but he really is good to me. Anywho, Sunday we decided to drive to the beach (which is like two miles away) to see how it looked with snow. It was very pretty, but not that frozen really.

I took this
Not really that thrilling, but I like living here.

And there is obviously a conspicuous lack of knitting content right now, but I believe by this time tomorrow, I will have something to show! Did you know it takes approximately 7 hours to weave in an assload of ends. Half an assload takes almost four hours. I don't know why the math works out that way, but it just does.


  1. So you've managed to utilize one and a half assloads already? NICE. :)

    I really truly wish I could have come and cut out sugar cookies "with" you. Even if by "with" I mean "do it all myself while you sit and talk to me".

    You rawk.

  2. Oops and my attention span is obviously so brief that I lost the precise verbiage between reading the post and writing my response. You didn't UTILIZE 1.5 assloads, you WOVE IN 1.5 assloads. Gotcha. Very good. We're all on the same page now. Carry on. :)

  3. I have always wondered about the assload math.
    Now I want to hear the story about why 8 sugar cookies in the mail will make your sister pee. I also wonder if I sh.ould send you Depends. (Sorry for the random characters but the baby is now tall enough to reach the keyboard while I'm typing.)


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