Friday, December 18, 2009

8 random things

1. So, back in August or so, I made a decision to work on getting rid of some really negative stuff in my life. And I did it, and I'm finding out that it was a fabulous decision, because the main thing I rid myself of is WAYYYYYYYYYY more negative than I had any idea of. I feel like I dodged a bullet big time, and that makes me way happy! I made a big mistake, but I admitted it and made some hard decisions to redirect things. Accomplishment!

2. I've been spinning for Hub's next sweater on the Romney and it's turning out really nice. The first skein.

After watching a youtube video by Beth Smith of the spinning loft, I feel like I'm really getting the hang of The "American Supported Long Draw" (or at least that's what they call it in the latest Spin-Off magazine).

3. The Stitch It Podcast group on Ravelry has inspired me to start using my breadmaker again, and I was using it TWICE a day! They inhale those wee 1 lb loaves around here (oh and I used the dough setting to make dinner rolls. LOVE) So, we got a 2 pounder off Ebay and it came today! French bread on it's way, yay!

4. We did some more Christmas shopping today and I MUST finish the last sleeve of my mom's Christmas present this weekend, MUST!

5. I've started twitting, or tweeting, or whatever. It's fun. More fun than I actually thought it would be. I'm Bammerkt; come tweet me (that sounds kinda dirty).

6. I found out if I just remove the tips of that damn Cormo fleece with a scissors, I totally love it, so I am gonna go ahead and do that now.

7. I sampled the Border Leicester lamb fleece I had and it is FAB. It washed up beautifully and easily and it's spinning up purdy awesome. Must decide what colors to dye the locks for blending.

8. I'm hooked on the blending.


  1. The blue is wonderful. You are so good at this spinnng stuff.

    Yay for French bread!


  2. I really miss you and wish I lived closer to you.


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