Thursday, July 31, 2008

On The Needles today (and the wheel too)

My allergies have been very uncomfy the last few days and I haven't slept as much as I needed to, so I am not very interesting. Since I'm not interesting, I thought I'd just go ahead and show you what I'm up to.

I'm spinning some Suffolk sock yarn. I now Suffolk isn't normally a very popular spinning fiber, but it makes some really nice hard wearing socks.
It's the sherbet color I talked about a week or so ago.

Here is one finished (plain two by two rib with a fleegle heel) and one on the needles. It's made from panda wool I dyed, but I will not be using this as a base for my sock yarns. I don't like how it takes the dye even though these turned out pretty (i think). If I can't predict how the dye will take, I can't use it right?

There again is my $1 Shipshawana flea market sock bag. Love that thing!

I also finished one fingerless glove yesterday and have one to go
I have about half the yarn tails to weave in (I always stop after I do the index finger and thumb, weave in ends and then finish so I have fewer at the end). Anywho, that's what I have going, but once I finish either a sock or the other glove, I will start the swallowtail. I have been really excited to start it but wanted to get one or both of these done first (I know shut up)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Can Only Have This Many Confessions if You Do A Lot of Stuff Wrong

I have to get one thing out of the way: Sorry, 00. About the guilt from last night I mean.

Now for the confession: Up until yesterday, I had never done stranded colorwork. I've basically only done single color stuff unless it was just full stripes. Know what I mean? Anyway, yesterday I watched the video on it at Knitting Help dot com.

Then I did this!

It's a modified version of We Call Them Pirates for number 5. Knit out of black fingering weight alpaca. The contrast yarn is some unidentified white yarn from my stash and it's actually a tiny bit thicker than the black. I don't mind that, because it makes the white look raised a tiny bit which is cool. My floats in back could have been slightly looser, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with it.

So, before you ask, yes, that is a tattoo on my hand, yes it is my wedding ring. It is a Kanji that means Queen. The Chief has one as well, but his means Emperor. The best part is that mine actually has two meanings. When it goes with his, it means Queen, but when it's alone it means behind. Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in on this, but my understanding is that the Queen would be "the one behind the King" so that's why? I dunno please enlighten me if that is correct.

Soooooooo, I promised not to knit on anything new until I finished Wicked, oh yes, Wicked is FINI! Well kinda. I still have to block and weave in ends so it looks all unblocked in the photo, but the knitting is done!

Did I mention I finished the knitting on Wicked!!??

Oh and I finished two ounces of that Merino blended with firestar. I think I'm going to do a Snow Queen out of it with some chartreuse beads. I should get it cast on soon so I'll show ya. Oh yeah and the socks. I still haven't even finished the first one, but I am very close.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Please. Was There Ever Any Doubt?

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

An 80s Song Comes to Mind. . .

Uh Uh Uh, Another one bites the dust.



Mystic Light. My first handspun project where I knew what I was spinning for, dyed the silk tussah roving, and spun that puppy up. It was 8 oz. of tussah dyed with several shades of red and orange jacquard dyes. Loveeeeeeee, love love this shawl. I had to stop one repeat short with the flames on the edge as I apparently did not spin enough, but still I love this shawl and it's nearly 8 feet long as it is, so I'm thinking that was the right call.

Can you tell I like it? I do, and it means one less thing in my blocking queue.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gaze Upon My Virtuousness! (Or whatever you call it)

I'm blocking something!
Wings of a Dream being blocked on the lovely blocking board that the Chief hung up for me. It's a sheet of housewrap type insulation.

I also have some miscellaneous stuff to deal with.

1. I was supposed to make sure that everyone knew that MY MOM dyed the Wolvering roving. She will heretofore be known as Double Zero.

2. Tracy, As for the WPI thing. Any surface you can wrap your yarn around that has one inch marks for you to count between will work. A ruler, a dowel, anything, this lovely little wpi gauge was a giveaway made by Tim at Hornshaw Woodworks for the dyeing workshop I hosted. Just don't PULL the yarn, wind it loosely in a one inch space and then count how many wraps fit in that one inch. That's all you gotta do. Hope that helps.

3. I set my oven on fire during the dyeing workshop, but since it was early on, I sort of forgot by the end of the day. When you use newspaper between layers of yarn (you know to sop up any possible dye bleeding so it won't touch other yarn), make sure it isn't touching your oven heating elements. Those will burn paper. Who knew?

I think that's it for now. I'm blocking in chronological order so next up is Mystic Light. Same bat time, same bat place.

I'm Still Spinnin'

Ok so here's the merino/firestar I started spinning back when I said I was going to choose between two other things. Oh fickle me!

It's a dark green (I call it a peacock green) blended with the green/yellow/blue firestar. I'm thinking of knitting it as an energized single (which means right off the bobbin).


While I'm spinning, I'm listening to Duma Key by Stephen King. I believe I'm just a bit less than halfway through. It's good so far, but not my favorite. (That's why the little boombox thing is in the photo). Mark my words, people, Stephen King is a modern literary genius. There will be entire university courses taught on his work in my lifetime (I'm 34).

Later today I'm going to swatch on my 930 with the garter carriage. I was thinking of doing some video during the process of this sweater I'm planning on knitting on my machine. Maybe I'm too lazy though. Those people who have machines out there and are making youtube videos to help others learn how to (and sometimes how not to) use their machines go to a lot of trouble and I give them a lot of credit for that.

Someone remind me to drop off the outgrown clothes in the back of the truck at Goodwill!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Way Life Taunts Me or Random Thoughts

I have wound the handspun laceweight that I'm going to knit into a Swallowtail shawl and it's just sitting on the end table taunting me. I want to cast on!! But, I will wait and only have the sock going for swimming lessons until I finish the Wicked.

The good news is:


One sleeve done! One more to go and I can weave in ends and sew up the sides of the pocked and block this puppy! I kind of wish I had made it at least one size smaller, but hey its a thick wool sweater. Oh and, the stripes are not as noticeable in person. i think the flash brings out the variegation.

And another thing. Most days after The Chief leaves for his job, I listen to World News on BBC America. It has really highlighted to me the way that the media in the US is selective in its reporting. Also, I heard the Palestinian Prime Minister this morning discussing Barack Obama. I'm not going to sanction political talk on my blog, so don't start discussing, but i would highly recommend looking for this snippet on Youtube. I don't want to shape your opinion, but I found it interesting (and terrifying really). My point though, is here's an opportunity to think about this guy's (the prime minister, not obama) point of view, listen to what he's saying (and what he's NOT saying) and form some opinions. I know it's old fashioned, but hey!

Last night I gave lace a try on my Brother 930. It worked! Even in cotton. I've had trouble with cotton lace in the past on my old 860 (which I sold and successfully shipped). I have not made anything on it yet, and I wish I had someone to give me some lessons on Knitleader because I would love to be able to use it with my machine, but nevermind, I'll figure it out eventually.

I finished Pegasus Descending by James Lee Burke this morning. Two big thumbs up on this Dave Robicheaux novel. The only thing is, he must be like what? 100 now? He talks about working on an oil drilling operation in 1957 (so he's an adult or close to anyway) and he's still taking out the bad guys on his crazy bloodlust red hazes? I'm having trouble with the NO Police dept employing dudes that must be close to 70 (no offense old guys!) to clean up the city, or even just the parish. Whatever, gotta love Dave.

Still waiting for the new season of Dexter. When, oh when will Dex be back? I mean honestly, no Big Love? No Dexter. WTF am I supposed to be doing? No Rome? Rent 6 Feet under maybe? The Chief never got to see it. Maybe that's what we should do.

See? This is why we have these little talks.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ways that I'm a big fat liar

Way 1: I had to start a sock today. Number five had swimming lessons and it's just too hot in there to put my woolen wicked on my lap. I did get the first sleeve nearly done yesterday though.

Way 2: I pulled out some merino that I blended with firestar (whilst seeing if I could make do with a pair of handcards instead of my frenzied pursuit of a drum carder. turns out I can indeed, but I digress) to show my mom and decided to try it out to see if it was too sparkly, not sparkly enough, whatever, and started to spin a laceweight single. Now I gotta finish those four ounces before I can proceed to the sherbet sock yarn. (I was just going to try it out and I couldn't stop) However I do expect to go ahead and get onto the sock yarn soon. I'm still spinning a lot lately so four ounces won't take long.

Way 3: I'm going to wind the laceweight for Swallowtail today, but I hardly think that counts as starting a project! (Yeah I know it's all a debate really)

Way 4: I still haven't started blocking the Scrote. Its just floating around in a big pink mass of Ramen noodles at this point, the horrid thing. You guys, I haven't even blocked The Wings of an Angel (or whatevs it's supposed to be called) that I finished ages ago. Have I mentioned that I hate blocking?

In other news, the owner of my son's Tae Kwon Do school has been arrested for soliciting murder. True I was looking for a new place because I didn't like him, but frankly I didn't suspect this!

My dad has responded by acting like he's 8. Not new and pretty much expected. Actually a little humorous if you can find humor in that sort of thing (oh and believe me I CAN)

My first colorwork project is chosen and I will be dyeing a bit of handspun for it maybe over the weekend. Best get back on the sleeves for Wicked :S.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Would I forget you?

I didn't pin out the Scrote yet, but I may have a photo tomorrow. We'll have to see how that goes. Perhaps the most proud I've been of some spinning yet.
The Merino from Marr Haven.
Yes, that's my WPI's Guide from Hornshaw Woodworks
I also finished some handdyed Shetland. I think this might end up being gloves or a hat (or both) for number five. He does so love him some camo.

Sorry that photo wasn't as clear as it could have been, but it was early!

I have blocking and sleeve knitting to do so I can start a new project, but my hand hurts. I knitted for HOURS yesterday to get that scrotum off my needles so I'm going to let my stiff hand relax for part of the day and go to the store with my man to get him an angle grinder (no idea what that is). See ya'll soon!

Oh and I'm going to pick out my next spinning project. Any votes? Sherbet colored Suffolk sock yarn? Or Sunset colored BFL laceweight? I'm having some trouble making a decision (I know big shocker).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

FO: One Pink Lacy Scrotum

I did it! Continuing with our recurring theme of cutting projects frighteningly close on yardage. I honestly have less than three yards left.

I had 2000 yds of laceweight on the cone. That's one seriously close project. I'll try to take a blocking photo tomorrow but I have a pink blocking board and the scrote is actually pink soooo. Not a huge help. I also have two new completed yarns to show. I've been spinning my bum bum off!

Oh and last, I have sworn not to start another project until I finish up Wicked. I'm on the sleeves so it won't be long, but I'm already starting to look at what's up next. I think the Swallowtail shawl by Evelyn Clark will be next with this.
handspun BFL.

Come back tomorrow and see pictures. I'm just too tired to take photos tonight.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Believe it or Not

I am still doing stuff.

Embossed leaves made from my own cherry fizz colorway

340 yards of Shetland sock yarn.

That's all she wrote for today.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Limits Schmimits

So after the last episode, I figured I better set some limits because I was really upset. I sent my dad an email that he would not be taking number five out of town until further notice (due to a little lying about the kid's age to get him into the pits at Berlin raceway and signing a waiver he had absolutely no legal right to sign), and that one two day visit a month would be more than enough.

Dude, this is not the Hilton or his vacation home ya know? I know I seem like I'm really mean (and frankly I'm cool with that) but I know it's good for number five to get to know his grandpa, and that his grandpa won't be around forever and all that, but I don't think I have to let him walk all over me either. Where's the balance? I don't know! I tend to want to just cut off communication altogether, but that would hurt my son, so what to do!?

In other news, i went out of town to help my sister move into her new place with number five and my mom. I'm not sure how much help we really were, but it was fun. It was still good to get home and see the Chief last night.

finished pair of socks photo to come soon. Oh and I'm finally on the last clue of the scrotum. It's still like twenty rows or something, but I'm feeling like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. When you have close to 1,000 stitches per row, they go a bit slow.

Summer is kinda gettin me down. i feel like I need a break, but none in sight, none at all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Having a Stroke!

My dad's here. Dude he has been here for less than 3 hours and he's already trodden on my last nerve! He asked to take number five to his house (almost 3 hours away) for the weekend which he JUST DID less than a month ago.

I said no, we need family time on weekends sometimes too. To which he replied

"Well you had him all week"

You know I wish I could really let go on him, but I said, "I'm his MOM. Who else would he be with during the week?"


I don't split custody with you! PUHLUS! I know you are just bored from being "retired" and using him to entertain yourself. He's not a damn trained monkey! Of course I had him all week! I'm the parent! WTF!!! He LIVES HERE!

Omg that felt so much better. Seriously my head is pounding from it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wtf! The Scrotum of Bad Nauheim?

So I'm finally on the border of The Secret of Bad Nauheim. I'm looking forward to finishing to I can knit up the handspun swallowtail I've been waiting to work on. More than three projects and I'm spread too thin.

So I held up Nauheim once I had all the stitches picked up for the border. They look so funny that way, and I said to the Chief, "Look a big pink blob".

To which he replied, "It kinda looks like a really fancy scrotum." Oh yes, ladies, that's right, handsome AND creative and all mine!


The sleeves on Wicked are going to knit nite with me tomorrow. I have 12 inches to go on one and all 19 left to go on the other. I'm just getting bored I guess, but I am determined to get it done so I can start on a secret project. Oh AND my first wholesale yarn order will be made for the dyeing here in a week or so. Busy busy!

I finished another pair of socks over the weekend. Pics coming soon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Socks & Socks & Socks

Alrighty then, let's all get up to speed shall we?

First up, Mini Me Socks for number five. They were knit from the handspun polypay that took forever. Navaho plied and very warm. Probably not to be worn until November when they will be found to be too small since he is 10 and growing like a baby elephant.


Next up, handspun Shetland. Number four dyed this roving. I like to call it "Ouch my retinas" or "Bozo's best shirt".


Last of all are the Slipperies from the yarn hollow panda wool i bought. They turned out very pretty.

It hasn't been that hot here so far this summer so I haven't minded knitting at all, not even my big wool wicked. I like summer but I prefer it like this, nice and sunny but not that hot. It makes the summer knitting wayyyyyyyyyy more fun.

I'm spinning again! Come back and see tomorrow!

Oh and I talked the chief into taking me to the grand opening of a LYS just a bit south of here tomorrow. Maybe I'll have some pics. \

Oh oh AND I'm knitting up a pair of socks from the yarn number 4 dyed at the workshop last weekend. They're turning out so beautiful!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We Beat the Michigan Weather!

So we have kind of unpredictable weather here and we've had a particularly wet summer. That didn't stop some of the ladies in the knitting group from coming over on Sunday for a little dyeing workshop.


Dyers circled the mixing table like sharks.


Angie (who is currently incubating a little one) working on her blanks.


KaRi working on her blanks too. I saw Laurie's blanks being knitted up the next day (that's right the very next day) and they turned out so cool.


Here's the finished hanks and blanks. I never hosted anything like this before so I think I could have done a better job if I knew what I was doing, however, I didnt.

I now have the dyeing bug so today I will probably do a bit of roving.