Saturday, July 19, 2008

FO: One Pink Lacy Scrotum

I did it! Continuing with our recurring theme of cutting projects frighteningly close on yardage. I honestly have less than three yards left.

I had 2000 yds of laceweight on the cone. That's one seriously close project. I'll try to take a blocking photo tomorrow but I have a pink blocking board and the scrote is actually pink soooo. Not a huge help. I also have two new completed yarns to show. I've been spinning my bum bum off!

Oh and last, I have sworn not to start another project until I finish up Wicked. I'm on the sleeves so it won't be long, but I'm already starting to look at what's up next. I think the Swallowtail shawl by Evelyn Clark will be next with this.
handspun BFL.

Come back tomorrow and see pictures. I'm just too tired to take photos tonight.

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