Monday, July 21, 2008

Ways that I'm a big fat liar

Way 1: I had to start a sock today. Number five had swimming lessons and it's just too hot in there to put my woolen wicked on my lap. I did get the first sleeve nearly done yesterday though.

Way 2: I pulled out some merino that I blended with firestar (whilst seeing if I could make do with a pair of handcards instead of my frenzied pursuit of a drum carder. turns out I can indeed, but I digress) to show my mom and decided to try it out to see if it was too sparkly, not sparkly enough, whatever, and started to spin a laceweight single. Now I gotta finish those four ounces before I can proceed to the sherbet sock yarn. (I was just going to try it out and I couldn't stop) However I do expect to go ahead and get onto the sock yarn soon. I'm still spinning a lot lately so four ounces won't take long.

Way 3: I'm going to wind the laceweight for Swallowtail today, but I hardly think that counts as starting a project! (Yeah I know it's all a debate really)

Way 4: I still haven't started blocking the Scrote. Its just floating around in a big pink mass of Ramen noodles at this point, the horrid thing. You guys, I haven't even blocked The Wings of an Angel (or whatevs it's supposed to be called) that I finished ages ago. Have I mentioned that I hate blocking?

In other news, the owner of my son's Tae Kwon Do school has been arrested for soliciting murder. True I was looking for a new place because I didn't like him, but frankly I didn't suspect this!

My dad has responded by acting like he's 8. Not new and pretty much expected. Actually a little humorous if you can find humor in that sort of thing (oh and believe me I CAN)

My first colorwork project is chosen and I will be dyeing a bit of handspun for it maybe over the weekend. Best get back on the sleeves for Wicked :S.

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