Thursday, July 3, 2008

Socks & Socks & Socks

Alrighty then, let's all get up to speed shall we?

First up, Mini Me Socks for number five. They were knit from the handspun polypay that took forever. Navaho plied and very warm. Probably not to be worn until November when they will be found to be too small since he is 10 and growing like a baby elephant.


Next up, handspun Shetland. Number four dyed this roving. I like to call it "Ouch my retinas" or "Bozo's best shirt".


Last of all are the Slipperies from the yarn hollow panda wool i bought. They turned out very pretty.

It hasn't been that hot here so far this summer so I haven't minded knitting at all, not even my big wool wicked. I like summer but I prefer it like this, nice and sunny but not that hot. It makes the summer knitting wayyyyyyyyyy more fun.

I'm spinning again! Come back and see tomorrow!

Oh and I talked the chief into taking me to the grand opening of a LYS just a bit south of here tomorrow. Maybe I'll have some pics. \

Oh oh AND I'm knitting up a pair of socks from the yarn number 4 dyed at the workshop last weekend. They're turning out so beautiful!

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  1. Those socks that #4 is wearing turned out great. I love the patterning in them. She did a great job on picking colors.


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